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Connecting your Apple Business Chat account with Conversations Inbox is easy. Follow the steps below to connect your Apple Business Chat account and start talking to customers on Apple Business Chat.

Note: Apple Business Chat is currently still in beta.

  1. Go to https://register.apple.com/ and login with your Apple ID, and then click “Get Started”.
  2. Confirm all four Business Chat policies and click “Next” 
  3. Fill out your company details and click “Next”
  4. Choose “Commercial Account” and click “Next”
  5. Enter the contact details of a technical representative of your company, and click “Next”
  6. Select the amount of locations that your company has and specify these, after click “Next”
  7. Choose your estimated messaging response time and click “Next”
  8. Select your hours for live customer support and click “Next”

Set up your account details and profile:

  1. Next, you will upload your business logo. Please make sure that your logo is in a square shape and with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 1024 pixels. The logo will also need to be in JPEG or PNG formatting. Once you have selected your logo, upload it and check the preview.
  2. Check and confirm your logo by clicking “Next”
  3. Now upload a wide logo that will be used in the top header bar of your chats. Make sure this meets the Wide logo guidelines of Minimum Height: 256px and Maximum Width: 1076px, and the maximum aspect ratio is 6:65:1. The logo cannot be transparent (has a background), and  will need to be in either PNG or JPEG
  4. Choose your brand’s hex-color for the background and button color 
  5. Confirm your Message Header and click “Next”

Once you have your logo and your header confirmed, it’s time for the Messaging Service Provider Configuration:

  1. Choose “tyntec” as your authorized Apple Commercial Messaging Service Provider and click “Next”
  2. Now, we will need to wait for your account to be approved. Please note that this might take a few business days. 

After your account has been approved, it’s time to set your message service provider configuration.

  1. Click “Next” to connect to the Messaging Provider (tyntec) 
  2. Now click “Connect” to make the connection tyntec 
  3. When you see tyntec’s Apple landings page, the connection was successful – you do not need to sign in. 

Once you have completed all of the above steps, please inform tyntec when you have connected to your Apple Business Account at support@tyntec.com. We can then send you a testing link to send your first messages. 

  1. When setting up your testing trial, you can choose who can test with this account. Please select “Anyone with the link” and click “Next” 
  2. Now your account is ready to test, press “Test now” to send a test message to your Apple Business Account. 
  3. Acknowledge that you have received the confirmation email from Apple and press “Next”

Once you have confirmed that the desktop received the confirmation message, it’s time to officially launch your Apple Business messaging. 

  1. For launching Apple Business Chat, please continue the process by verifying the two boxes stating that you have already tested the messaging experience with your agents, and that you’re ready to respond to your customer inquiries.