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How Quickly Are Messages Delivered Via tyntec’s SMS Gateway?



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How quickly are messages delivered via tyntec’s SMS gateway?

Generally, tyntec delivers 90% of messages in less than 10 seconds, and strives to deliver all messages within 15 seconds, for time-critical traffic, such as authentication and alerts.

However, since the total SMS delivery time depends to a large extent on the receiving operator, it is difficult to pinpoint a specific timeframe for international message deliveries. Additionally, the actual delivery time might be longer in some cases; for example, delays may occur if the mobile device is turned off or if there is congestion on the receiving mobile operator’s network. In such cases, tyntec retries to send the message several times to maximize the SMS delivery probability.


At the same time, because tyntec works with high quality — and usually — direct-to-carrier connections, you get not only high SMS delivery rates, but also the peace of mind that SMS are delivered quickly (provided that the receiving mobile phone number is reachable and correct). If an SMS is not delivered, tyntec’s close relationship with mobile operators allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues. In addition, processing time of the tyntec messaging platform is minimal (just a few seconds), which includes a number portability check and the determination of the best route to send the message.