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Can I Send an SMS That Is Longer Than 160 Characters?



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Can I send an SMS that is longer than 160 characters?

The maximum SMS body length is actually 140 bytes, which equates to 160 GSM-encoded characters (7 bits each) or 70 Unicode-encoded characters (2 bytes each).

Our solutions allow sending SMS messages longer than 160 characters (or 70 characters, for Unicode), which would be a concatenated message. With tyntec, you can send SMS messages longer than 160 characters (70 characters for Unicode) in most countries and networks. While we make sure the message is delivered as one, bear in mind that you will be charged for the total number of messages we receive. A few countries might have restrictions in place.


For SMPP, you must split the concatenated message into segments and use a specific User Data Header (UDH) as described in the SMPP 3.4 documentation. For HTTP and REST, you can send us one long message.


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