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How Does tyntec Track and Resolve SMS Delivery Issues?



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How does tyntec track and resolve SMS delivery issues?

tyntec’s support team has a broad variety of tools available to resolve SMS delivery issues. These tools allow tyntec to analyze delivery data and establish active delivery assessment tests.

While investigating both account- and message-related details, the broader picture is considered, such as major network issues. With these factors taken into account, our support team can assess situations in a holistic way and take immediate decisions accordingly, when needed. Additionally, the tyntec messaging platform is monitored for availability and performance.

If an SMS message has delivery issues, tyntec considers the following questions:

  • What is the message delivery status?
  • Is the number valid?
  • What operator has the number?
  • What’s the status of other messages sent by the same account to the same operator?
  • How’s the delivery performance of other accounts to the same operator?
  • What’s the performance to that operator in the last 6/12/24/48 hours?
  • What senderID was used and was registration necessary?
  • Is the destination operator known for content filtering?
  • Is the delivery speed unusually slow?
  • Does signaling data show an issue, e.g., unexpected return codes?
  • Do our own delivery tests show unusual behavior?
  • Does the use case match the delivery quality required by the customer?

Unfortunately, tyntec sometimes needs third parties like route providers or operators, which in some cases need to be contacted to retrieve information or have issues fixed. Nonetheless, due to tyntec’s close relationship with operators and telecom providers, we work closely with our partners to solve any delivery and/or latency issues you may have.

tyntec’s support team is available 24/7/365, actively working on seamless message delivery and are ready to take necessary actions if needed.