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Why Do Concatenated Messages Receive Dlrs (delivery Receipts) With Extra Latency?



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Why do concatenated messages receive DLRs (Delivery Receipts) with extra latency?

Compared with a traditional SMS, each part of a concatenated message might take a few additional seconds to be processed by the handset, because all parts of a multipart SMS need to have arrived before they can be reassembled by the handset. Therefore, handset delivery notifications for different parts of a multipart message might arrive at different times, even though the messages are displayed at the same time on the handset.

tyntec sends you the delivery receipts (DLRs) as soon as our platform knows the final message status (i.e., success or failure) for SMPP and HTTP interfaces. However, with REST API, tyntec sends a single DLR for the entire message after all parts are processed.


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