Conversations Inbox | Tutorials | Add agents

Learn how to add new customer support agents and administrators to your Conversations Inbox.

1. Navigate to Organization at the left side menu. Click on Agents 

2. Select the orange Add button on the top

3. Fill in the details and select the role, then click on Next


4. Select the team(s) for the new agent / administrator 

4. Click on Invite to send the invitation.


The new user will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their account and select a password. As an administrator, you can check the enrollment status at any given time. If the new user didn’t receive the invitation email, you can trigger a resend.

Agent Administrator
Access to Team Inbox Unlimited access
Access to Agent Inbox
Access to Closed Inbox
Access to Internal Chat
Access to People
Access to personal settings
Access to Quick Replies
Access to assigned channels only