Conversations Inbox | Channels | SMS

Learn how to enable SMS as a channel for your Conversations Inbox. tyntec is a tier one SMS provider. Follow the steps below to connect your tyntec SMS gateway and start sending SMS to your customers.

In order to complete the configuration for your Conversations Inbox, you will need administrative access to your My tyntec account and Conversations Inbox

Login to My tyntec to configure your SMS gateway. Follow these instructions to add a new gateway. Note that your SMS is in trial mode, if you haven’t added sufficient funds to your account yet. 

  1. After your SMS gateway is setup, navigate in My tyntec to your SMS gateways overview
  2. Write down the name of your SMS gateway
  3. Head over to your ‘API Settings’ and copy the API key name
  4. To connect your Conversations Inbox with your SMS gateway, we will need to configure it for you. Please send an email with the name of your SMS gateway and the API key name to 
  5. If you wish to acquire and use a specific phone number for your business, you can include this requirement in your email to 
  6. If you wish to receive delivery updates for SMS, please include this requirement in your email as well
  7. We will configure the Conversations Inbox for you. Out onboarding team will reach out to you as soon as possible

After your Conversations Inbox has been configured, you will receive an email notification.