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How Do the Different Inboxes Help Me Organize Conversations?


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How do the different Inboxes help me organize conversations?

The Conversations Inbox provides different inboxes to manage your conversations effectively. 


This is where all new conversations land, being visible to all your support agents. An agent can pick a conversation and reply to it.


Once a support agent has replied to a conversation, it is automatically assigned to the agent’s inbox called ‘Yours’. Here an agent can find all current conversations that are assigned to him/her.


All agents can access the ‘Open’ inbox to check which conversations are currently happening, allowing each of your team members to jump into a conversation when needed.


Monitor all ongoing conversations between your chatbot(s) and customers. An agent can always check to see if intervention by the agent is needed.


Here, you find all conversations either actively closed by one of your support agents or automatically closed by your chatbot. An agent can close the conversation by clicking on the Close button on the top center, just under the contact’s name.