FAQ | Authenticate

Utilize tyntec’s FAQs to help solve any issues you may have. Additionally, learn about cloud communications, CPaaS, SMS for business, authentication, and more. If any questions arise while reading, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How does the 2FA API work?

The 2FA API works like this:

  1. The user registers on your website or app and provides a mobile phone number for verification
  2. tyntec’s API automatically chooses the channel to send the verification code (SMS or voice call/text-to-speech). Alternatively, the enterprise can give the user the option to choose
  3. Both SMS and voice trigger the enterprise’s web back-end and calls the tyntec 2FA API at the phone number provided.
  4. tyntec sends the user a unique one-time password via SMS or voice call
  5. The user enters the one-time password (OTP) on the website or app to verify their identity
  6. The enterprise’s back-end sends an API call to the tyntec 2FA service and tyntec replies, confirming whether the OTP entered by the user is correct or not
  7. If the OTP is correct, the website back-end authorizes the registration

For more information, check out this video on how the 2FA API works and the features it provides.