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Utilize tyntec’s FAQs to help solve any issues you may have. Additionally, learn about cloud communications, CPaaS, SMS for business, authentication, and more. If any questions arise while reading, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I retry a verification attempt?

tyntec’s 2FA API supports retry requests. As long as an OTP stays active, tyntec will send the same code for the same number, minimizing customer confusion.

For example, if the authentication message delivery takes longer than normal — and the customer requests a resend — the OTP stays the same no matter which message/call arrives first. Through our 2FA API, you are able to define how long an OTP stays active (five minutes by default, though you can extend it to 10 minutes). You also have the option to choose a different delivery channel for the retry attempt, e.g. text-to-speech.

View our Technical Documentation to learn more.