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Combine a unique identifier device (aka a mobile phone) with contextual data, and you have secure, user-friendly two-factor authentication.

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The most popular way to send one-time passcodes that’s easy to use and strong enough to meet the compliance requirements.



A full-featured robust API that detects the phone number type (mobile or landline) and sends the passcode via the appropriate channel (SMS or voice) – complete with multi-language and customization support.

Here're some great ways

to use Authentication in your business

Make the most of

tyntec's advanced features

direct connections to telecom operators
Assured, speedy delivery

Using our direct connections to telecom operators, we ensure fast, secure delivery to the endpoint – and share the monitoring data with our customers.

Frictionless Integration
Frictionless integration

Stronger authentication with less coding – welcome to our simple, robust authentication APIs. Developers can configure features according to their needs, including password generation, language templates and more.

Real Time Authentication Verification
Real-time verification
Building on our industry-leading number information service, we can dynamically adjust user authentication requirements depending on the threat level, using real-time phone number information such as roaming information, user location, and phone status (on/off).


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2fa, SMS OTP, authentication


Key factors to consider

When choosing an authentication method


  • when does authentication become really critical?
  • is there a single most important factor when choosing an authentication method? (hint: users first)
  • is authentication bad for Customer experience?
  • what are the pros and cons of different methods?
  • why is SMS still the most popular delivery method for 2FA?

Authentication made easy

This is how it works

Authentication - How it works

1. User attempts to verify a transaction online.

2. Enterprise submits the number verification request to tyntec. tyntec creates a PIN and sends it via the most appropriate channel (SMS or voice).

3. User receives the PIN and enters the code to verify the transaction.

4. tyntec matches the entered PIN against the passcode sent to the user.

5. Enterprise authorizes/denies the transaction.

security 2fa authentication

Consumer Protection

Balancing usability and security

tyntec's partner Isaac Potoczny-Jones, CEO of Tozny, a leader in multi-factor authentication systems, discuss the common mistakes brands make with security.

TAD summit Demo Chatbots

Watch our demo

Interested in learning more about utilizing tech for your advantage? If yes, then check out this video about CRM, Chatbots, and Authentication shown at TADSummit 2017.



Authentication User Friendly

Authentication made easy and userfriendly

Combine a unique identifier device (aka a mobile phone) with contextual data, and you have secure, user-friendly two-factor authentication.


Transparent Pricing

  • Mobile Chat
    Send a message
    0.012 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Voice
    Voice Calling
    To landline numbers
    0.003 €
    To mobile numbers
    0.338 €
  • Messaging
    Local SMS
    Send a message
    0.062 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Short Code
    3900 €
    1300 €
    Send a message
    0.086 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Landline
    1.11 €
    1.11 €
    Send a message
    0.085 €
    Receive a message
    0.013 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Mobile
    0 €
    33 €
    Send a message
    0.072 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Number Information
    Portability Check
    Per successful query
    0.0019 €
  • Authentication
    Per successful authentication
    0.09 €

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