What use cases does the 2FA API support?

The 2FA API supports customer-facing security for various use cases, from new user verification to secure account access, password reset and transaction authentication.



Continuous access

Transaction authentication

Password reset


Minimizes fake accounts and spam

Reduces account takeovers and stolen identities


Identifies fraudulent transactions &

reduces chargebacks

Reduces account takeovers, avoids account lockout, &

reduces inbound calls to contact centers


Onboarding users register through the website or app

If the user accesses their account from a different device or location, then the enterprise triggers access 2FA

Authenticating transactions, payments, and money transfers

When a user resets a password, the system sends an OTP to the mobile device and the user enters the code on the password to reset the webpage

By applying 2FA procedures throughout the customer journey with tyntec’s API, enterprises will:

  • Stop fake accounts and bots at registration
  • Minimize account takeovers throughout the security journey in a user-friendly way
  • Secure customer accounts worldwide with channels that don’t require smartphones, apps or data connections.

Find more information about use cases in our Multifactor Authentication Guide.