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What’s the Viber Warranty Letter?


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What’s the Viber warranty letter?

Viber requires that every company using its Viber Business Messages signs its Warranty Letter.

This document is an agreement that the company will send messages only to opted-in customers and according to Viber’s guidelines: 

  • Companies send messages only to users who have agreed to receive messages from it and did not revoke such agreement  (opted-in users), and who are at legal age to receive such messages according to applicable laws.
  • Comply with all applicable laws in connection with the sending of the messages, and ensure that the texts are compliant with such laws.
  • Send messages only in accordance with the Service Messages Guidelines provided by Viber.
  • No other third party can use a company’s verified messages channel.

ℹ️ Once your setup form is submitted and your credits added, tyntec will send you the Warranty Letter via DocuSign. Only after your signature will your setup request be forwarded to Viber for approval.