Handling Replies

A business account allows its users to reach out to the business at any time by having the keyboard opened. 


The business will have multiple options to respond: 

Reply by message

By having a set message URL in the account, the business will have the option to receive messages from its users and respond to them with either text or other types of content based on the API. With tyntec, we set up a message URL per customer by default.

Reply by default auto message

If the business doesn’t have a set message URL or isn’t interested in replying by a personalized message to each user reply, please let us know, so an autoreply is used instead. The automatic response is free of charge and set up by tyntec only by customer request (if the customer wants to use Viber only for one-way messaging). 

The autoreply is a fixed text that will be localized to the language of the user’s device.

A default autoreply copy would be: 

<business name> does not currently receive messages. Go to chat info for more contact information.

User’s reply to a message

Users can reply to a specific message as long as their keyboard in the account is enabled.