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Personalize conversations with Viber users throughout the customer journey, from product discovery to customer care. Relevant especially in CIS, CEE, Southeast Asia, Middle East and MENA regions, you can generate leads and increase conversions with one of the top chat apps worldwide


Viber Business Messages API gives companies a unique messaging channel to interact with customers via transactional, promotional, and conversational messages. Powered with rich media, such as expressive content, interactive buttons, QR codes, deep links, file transfer, and more, you can enable two-way conversations in a secure business account.

Furthermore, tyntec helps businesses access Viber by integrating its Conversations API into existing engagement systems (CRM, contact center, eCommerce, etc.), speeding up issue resolution, increasing sales conversions, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Viber Business Messages with tyntec

tyntec is an official Viber Business Messages solution partner that helps you manage all Viber communications directly within the tyntec platform. 

You can integrate Viber Business Messages two ways with tyntec:

  • Use our Conversations API to integrate Viber on your existing system, e.g., CRM platform
  • Use our omnichannel platform, Conversations Inbox, ideal for companies that do not have the developer resources to integrate an API.

ℹ️ Check our Viber Business API Reference for more information on integration options.

The Viber Business Profile

With Viber Business Messages, a company creates a business profile to communicate with users securely and in a scalable manner. By default, business accounts are fully encrypted and provide instant recognition to users of the company’s brand with a verified tick.


ℹ️ Check more information about the business profile here.

Getting started

Every business account must apply to Viber for approval before gaining access to the Viber Business Messages. tyntec is your official Viber partner to get your Viber Business account approved!

ℹ️ Simply follow our step-by-step Viber onboarding quickstart, where you’ll find all the information needed on how to create your Viber Profile successfully.

🎁 You’ve got 1,500 complimentary messages on your live Viber Business Profile to send Viber messages during the trial period.