Is it possible to migrate from one Viber provider to another?

Yes, it is possible. Viber supports the transfer of a business already registered under another provider (active or inactive), as well as the migration of existing ID from one partner to another.

To activate/transfer an existing business already registered under a current provider (active or inactive), the following conditions shall apply:

  • Viber will allow up to 30 transfers of businesses per year.
  • The transfers may only accrue at the beginning of every quarter.
  • Viber will require a 30 days advance written notice (at least 30 days before starting a new quarter).
  • When requesting the transfer, the following should be provided by the customer:
    • The required Businesses name, Business ID, and country.
    • The Customer (Business) written request to transfer the ID from provider X to provider Y, starting from date dd/mm/yyyy. The letter must be signed by the requester (Business).
  • Once the Viber team has received the Customers’ (Business) written request with all the required information stated above, Viber shall notify the existing provider regarding the upcoming transfer.
  • According to the above stipulations, a transfer will occur once a quarter.

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