How do I know if my messages have been delivered to the user?

Check this list of error codes that will help you monitor the delivery rates and also identify the reason why a message delivery failed.

Status code Error on the server Detailed error
“status”:0 SRVC_SUCESS Successfully sent.
“status”:1 SRVC_INTERNAL_FAILURE Internal server error.
“status”:2 SRVC_BAD_SERVICE_ID The ID wasn’t in use for over a year / the ID was recently created and wasn’t uploaded to the server yet.
“status”:3 SRVC_BAD_DATA An error in the request’s structure. Could be missing a comma, brackets, text over 1000 characters, etc.
“status”:5 SRVC_BAD_MESSAGE_TYPE Incorrect message type. Either a non-supported type or an incorrect value.
“status”:6 SRVC_BAD_PARAMETERS Missing mandatory parameters, for example, “tracking_data” when using a two-way message type.
“status”:7 SRVC_TIMEOUT Indicates a server timeout on Viber’s end.
“status”:8 SRVC_USER_BLOCKED The ID was blocked by the user / The user blocked business messages entirely on their device.
“status”:9 SRVC_NOT_VIBER_USER The destination number is not registered as a Viber user.
“status”:10 SRVC_NO_SUITABLE_DEVICE Not an Android or iOS device with a Viber version that supports Business Messages *5.3 and beyond).
“status”:11 SRVC_UNAUTHORIZED_IP The request was sent from a non-whitelisted IP for this ID / An incorrect ID that doesn’t belong to the partner was used in the request.
“status”:13 SRVC_NOT_PERMITTED An error in the billing process - contact
“status”:18 SRVC_BAD_LABEL Missing value/incorrect value in the request for “label” parameter.
“status”:20 SRVC_INVALID_TTL The TTL is under 30 seconds / The TTL is over 1,209,600 seconds.
“status”:21 SRVC_WAIT_FOR_USER_RESPONSE The attempt exceeded the 10-message limit within a session.
“status”:28 SRVC_FILE_NOT_PERMITTED The file that is being attempted to be sent is not in a supported format in this feature.
“status”:29 SRVC_BAD_FILE_NAME_LENGTH The name of the file is more than the maximum of 25 characters.