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Viber Business Pricing

Check our pricing plans and offers for Viber Business as a stand-alone API, or combined with Conversations Inbox.

30-day Free Trial
Conversations Inbox
+ Viber Business
Manage your customer chats across digital channels with Viber on the Conversations Inbox. Try it out for free!
/ month ¹
  • Free Trial for 30 days ²
  • 1,500 free messages during your trial
  • Pay per message – for transactional and promotional messages ³
  • Pay per session – when customers initiate the conversation ³
  • No extra setup fees
  • 10 agent accounts included
  • Activate WhatsApp with the Starter plan
  • Minimum subscription of 1 month ⁴

¹ € 149/monthly subscription includes access to the Conversations Inbox. Viber message fees and a monthly minimum spend, as well as other channel fees are charged separately.
² Only for Conversations Inbox with Viber Business accounts.
³ Download our Viber Business pricing to view applicable Viber message fees for transactional, promotional, and session messages.
⁴ tyntec customers are billed on a monthly basis. All payments are due and payable within 14 calendar days from the date of the invoice. 

Your Questions Answered

  • How much does the Conversations Inbox with Viber cost?

    The Conversations Inbox with Viber is priced at a monthly fee of EUR 149 + Viber message fees.

    ℹ️ Please note that Viber message fees are charged on top. Download Viber rates here.

    In the Conversations Inbox monthly fee, you get:

    • 1 WhatsApp Business Profile, with one phone number
    • Access to 10 agents
    • Customizations and chatbot integration
    • Activate all other channels at no extra cost! That includes Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and more.

    ℹ️ For more details, download the Conversations Inbox pricing.

  • How do I request an account with Viber Business Messages via tyntec?

    To start with Viber Business Messages with tyntec, you can fill out our Viber setup form

    Once you’ve completed it, you’ll receive a confirmation and we’ll integrate it onto Viber’s system. We promptly let you know once your account has been setup.

    In case your account request has been rejected – which is very rare – we will let you know the reasons why. When this happens, usually it is due to missing or incorrect information. Once your account and serviceIDs have been configured, you can start sending messages to your users.

  • How can I test Viber Business Messages via tyntec?

    There are two ways to try out Viber:

    • Viber Business Messages API only: create your account and use your 1,500 complimentary messages to try out Viber. 
    • Viber Business Messages + Conversations Inbox: sign up for the free trial here. You can try out the Conversations Inbox for 30 days with Viber, including 1,500 complimentary messages during the trial period. After the trial, you can continue using the Conversations Inbox for EUR 149,- /monthly. Viber messages are charged separately and not included in the Conversations Inbox pricing. 

    ✉️ In case you have any questions or want to proceed with a free trial for Viber, please contact our Onboarding team at support@tyntec.com.

  • What’s included in the free trial?

    The tyntec free trial for Viber includes:

    • One month free to use the Conversations Inbox, the tyntec omnichannel platform. During the trial period, you can add up to ten agents and use the platform with all of its features during the trial period. 
    • 1,500 complimentary messages to try Viber out. 

    The trial does not include:

    • Unlimited messaging. After your 1,500 free messages, message consumption will be charged by tyntec. 
    • CRM, chatbot integration, and customizations in the Conversations Inbox. We provide these services free of charge for our paying customers only. After your free trial, you can integrate your CRM, chatbots and customize the tool according to your needs.
  • How does Viber bill a business account?

    With Viber, you pay only for the messages you send. However, while we don’t charge any monthly or setup fee, Viber requires a monthly minimum spend. If you reach the minimum spend organically, no extra charges are applied to your business account.

    ℹ️ Check more details on Viber billing information here.

  • What’s the monthly minimum spend?

    Viber’s monthly minimum spend is the minimum consumption a company is required to pay per month.

    Because Viber charges only per message/session, it’s important that companies commit a minimum spend to continue with a business profile. This is required by Viber and has also the goal to avoid setting up many accounts that turn out to be inactive or with very low usage. 

    A company is billed a minimum monthly fee for each Business ID. For example: if a service is created on February 2nd/16th/28th, the minimum fee will apply in March. No extra charges are applied if the minimum fee is reached organically.

    Countries Minimum monthly fee
    Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine EUR 150
    All others EUR 100

    In addition: 

    • The minimum monthly fee is based on the destinations you have open. If the minimum fee varies between destinations, the highest fee applies for the Business ID.
    • The monthly minimum applies if a business is registered and has an active sender ID.
    • The minimum fee is calculated monthly and not accumulating.
  • How can I pay my Viber invoice?

    By the 10th day of the month, we send you an invoice for charges related to the previous month, which includes your message fees (and the Conversations Inbox monthly fee, if you’re a user of that service).

    This is how you can pay your invoice

    • You can pay your invoice on my.tyntec.com. Just proceed to Finance and then Online Payments. Please note that we do not collect money automatically.
    • Alternatively, you can pay your invoice via bank transfer (details are in every invoice).

    ℹ️ Viber invoices are due after 15 days post payment by default, for both direct enterprises and ISV partners.

    ✉️ In case anything is unclear about payments, please contact our Billing team at billing@tyntec.com.

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