Viber Business Pricing

Send and receive messages on Viber - and pay-as-you-go. No setup or monthly fees are charged!


Message Fees

Message Fees and Minimum Spend

Viber supports transactional, promotional and sessions - all priced differently. A monthly minimum spend applies. 

Transactional & Promotional

You can send transactional (e.g. reminders) and/or promotional (e.g. coupons) messages on Viber. The pricing depends on the country you're sending to, as well as your chosen message types.

Viber Sessions

When a user initiates a conversation with your business, you only pay per session and not for each individual message. Sessions can last 12 hours or 60 messages, offering a very cost-effective way to communicate with customers. 

Minimum Spend

Viber requires businesses to spend a minimum amount on a monthly basis. The minimum spend depends on the destination country. No additional monthly or setup fees apply. 


Minimum Spend explained

Viber requires a minimum spend per country – and the amount depends on the chat app’s penetration in that particular territory. These apply for both promotional, transactional, and session messages.

Countries Minimum spend (monthly)
Top countries Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Moldova, Ukraine € 150.00
Other countries All others € 100.00
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