Seamless Conversations on Viber Business

Connect with over 1 billion Viber users globally for a frictionless customer experience. 


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Viber Business - Global Reach

Where Viber is relevant

With 1.1 billion+ users globally, connect with your users especially in CIS, CEE, Southeast Asia, Middle East and MENA regions. 

1.1 billion users

use Viber as their preferred chat app

193+ countries

have access to Viber Business

7 million interactions

every minute on Viber

Why tyntec

The tyntec advantage

We're proud to offer Viber as scalable and flexible solution. You decide how to integrate and automate Viber conversations.

Fast Onboarding

We get your Viber Business Profile up and running within 2 business days.

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API or Support Inbox

Integrate a developer-friendly API or use tyntec's Support Inbox if developer resources are tight. 

API Reference
Support Inbox

System Integrations

Use chatbots for automated conversations and easily integrate our API with CRM, ERP and contact center systems. 


How to use Viber Business

Personalize conversations with Viber users throughout the customer journey, from product discovery to customer care. 


What you can send

Message Types

Send and receive a wide range of message types with Viber: text messages, images, interactive buttons, files, links, stickers – and a lot more!

  • Rich media support
  • Interactive buttons
  • Images
  • Stickers
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Viber Webinar Recording

Viber Business Webinar

Watch the webinar and learn how to get started with Viber.

In this webinar, learn how Viber can grow your business through success stories, and how tyntec, as a strategic partner, can enable you achieve new heights with Viber Business Messages.

Programmable Functions

Business Features

Viber and tyntec constantly improve and add new business features to improve your customers' user journey.

Business Profile

Create an engaging, branded Business Profile on Viber. A business profile makes conversations more personal, trusted and secure between businesses and users. 

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Improved Overlay

Reduce block rates with Improved Overlay. Users can see your messages and decide if they want to receive more messages from the brand.

Search Visibility

Your business is easily discoverable on Viber. With a powerful Search, users can find your brand and start a direct conversation. 


How your customers can get in touch

Viber Sessions

Users don't have to wait for a company-initiated message. With Sessions, they can easily get in touch with your brand. Simply place a contact link on your website, in-app, social media or in any communication channel. When a user opens the link, he is taken directly to the Viber app - and a conversation on Viber can start. 

Each session lasts 12 hours, during which brands can send a limited amount of messages. Brands just pay a cost-efficient fixed price per session (instead of paying per message). 

  • User initiates conversations
  • Simple fixed price per session
  • Contact deeplink
  • User- & business friendly


Viber Business Pricing

With Viber, you pay only for the messages you send. Transactional and promotional messages are priced differently.


GDPR | Data Privacy & Security

Secure Messaging on Viber

Viber is one of the most secure and privacy driven messaging apps on the market today. All messages between your business, Viber and your users are end-to-end encrypted. Once delivered,  no content stays stored on Viber’s servers. 

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Secure user notifications
  • GDPR compliance
  • Verified brand profiles
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Viber Starter Guide

Why and How to Use Viber Business Messages

Over 60% of consumers want to communicate with brands via messaging. In this guide, you will learn why and how to use one of the largest chat apps in the world: Viber. Get insights, trends, use cases and tips on how to get started.


From localhost to everyone

Made for Developers

Get where you need to go, fast. With just a few lines of code you are able implement Viber Business with our Conversational API. Check out the documentation with detailed information & instructions on how to get started.


Customer References inline october 2019