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Get closer to your customers on Viber. Answer questions, sell products, and grow your business! Try it out for free - no API dev needed, no risk, no long-term commitment.

All Viber features

Get your verified Viber Business Profile with all features. No sandbox or test environment. Ready in under 48 hours.

No dev needed

Start chatting to customers without an API integration. Manage all Viber message types on the Conversations Inbox.

One month free trial

Try out the Conversations Inbox for 30 days for free + get 1,500 complimentary messages to test it out.


Viber Business with Conversations Inbox

Manage customer conversations on Viber with tyntec's Conversations Inbox. Broadcast messages, reply to customer inquiries, and more in one place available for your human and virtual agents.

Learn more about Conversations Inbox

  • Viber is embedded automatically on the Conversations Inbox.
  • No integration effort with a no-code solution.
  • Upgrade to the Conversations Inbox to avoid security and scalability issues associated with the Viber desktop application.
  • Broadcasting supported. Send one-to-one and one-to-many bulk messaging.
  • Send text and media messages. 
  • Smart agent routing and conversation management.
  • Integrate chatbots and your CRM at no extra cost.
  • Add tons of messaging channels, incl. WhatsApp, Instagram, and more.

Advantages that only tyntec offers

Scale your messaging outreach on Viber Business Messages with tyntec, an official Viber partner.

First month for free
Get your Conversations Inbox free trial with 1,500 complimentary Viber messages. Includes the complete Viber setup.

Fair pricing
Check our competitive prices for Viber. Setup fees are not charged. Monthly minimum spend required by Viber applies after second month of use.

No strings attached
Don't want to continue with our services? You can cancel on a monthly basis. There's no risk or long-term commitment required.

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Create your tyntec account, then fill out the Setup Form.

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Sign Viber’s standard Warranty Letter to finalize your registration.

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We’ll configure your Viber Business Profile and connect it to the Conversations Inbox (optional). Use 1,500 complimentary messages to test Viber!

How to use Viber Business

Answer swiftly to customer questions, send promotional messages, and chat with your customers for faster issue resolution.


Don’t need the Conversations Inbox?

You’ve got developer resources to integrate Viber into your platform? Get tyntec’s API for Viber Business Messages with 1,500 complimentary messages to try out.

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Your Questions Answered

  • What can I expect to see in my first Viber invoice?

    You will be billed for Viber if you decide to continue after your free trial.


    You will see the following in your first invoice:


    • Your Conversations Inbox monthly fee in the amount of EUR 149, if you continue with this service
    • Your total Viber message consumption or the monthly minimum spend in EUR.


      After the second invoice, you will be charged only for the Viber message consumption or the minimum, plus the Conversations Inbox monthly fee, in case you decide to continue with that service.

    • Why does the Viber free trial always start at the beginning of every month?

      Viber’s billing always works with a full calendar month, so when an enterprise customer starts with Viber, say, on the 15th or 20th of a month, the monthly minimum spend is applicable from the 1st of the following month.


      tyntec’s free trial is designed to activate all free trials in the first week of a given month, so our customers can enjoy the full timeframe of a trial without worrying about the monthly minimum spend kicking in one or two weeks after they’ve started testing.

    • What happens after the trial?

      After the trial, the customer needs to decide to continue or cancel the subscription.


      If you decide to continue with Viber + Conversations Inbox:


      • In this option, you will be charged a monthly fee of EUR 149 for the Conversations Inbox, plus the Viber message fees. The Conversations Inbox monthly fee excludes the costs related to Viber messages, which are charged separately from the platform. 


      If you decide to continue with tyntec’s API for Viber Business Messages (without Conversations Inbox):


      • In this option, you will be charged for your Viber message consumption. In case your consumption is below the minimum you will be charged for the minimum only.


      If you decide to cancel all services:


      • We require a written note to cancel your services. Note that the monthly minimum spend applies automatically for Viber if the customer does not cancel or deactivate the account, one business day before the end of the month. 
      • If you decide to discontinue our service after the trial, we'll not charge you anything.


      After the trial, if you’re unsure whether to proceed, it’s possible to deactivate the account instead of canceling it. A deactivation would prevent you from having to restart the onboarding of a Viber business profile and is not billable. A business profile can be deactivated up to three times a year.

    • What happens if I decide to drop the Conversations Inbox after the trial but continue with my Viber Business Profile?

      You can decide to continue with your Viber Business Profile powered by tyntec and discontinue the Conversations Inbox subscription. 

      If that happens, you won’t be charged the Conversations Inbox monthly fee. The Viber messaging fees apply according to our pricing

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