Viber Business

Engage with customers on Viber

Deliver personalized customer experiences on Viber, convert more sales, and increase customer loyalty.


Inbox or API? It’s your choice.

You decide how you want to use Viber Business. Use our Conversations Inbox or Conversations API.


Conversations Inbox

Manage your conversations across channels in one place without any code development needed. Provide your team a simple to use interface that allows full context by connecting it with your CRM systems, like Hubspot, Salesforce, and many more. Sync customer profiles & order data, connect your chatbot and use quick replies to handle more in less time.


Viber Business API

Integrate Viber Business as a channel with our Conversations API in any software you already use. Build and scale with tyntec’s omnichannel REST API for conversations.


Everything you need

Get the complete Viber service with tyntec. Use Viber’s native two-way and rich media messaging to pimp up your conversations.

Branded profile

Get your business ID in your language, with a detailed info page and a verified badge.

Encrypted and secure

End-to-end encryption and GDPR compliance mean your conversations are secure.

Flexible integration

Decide to use tyntec’s API for Viber or the omnichannel platform, the Conversations Inbox.

Rich media

Combine text with URLs, images, files, emojis, and CTA buttons for memorable experiences.

Omnichannel API

Use tyntec’s Conversations API to access Viber and other messaging channels.

Search Visibility

Your business is easily discoverable on Viber, so users can find your brand.

Improved Overlay

Reduce block rates by enabling users to preview and allow future messages.

Conversations Inbox

Use Viber on the Conversations Inbox to manage all your Viber chats.

Service & Documentation

Guided onboarding, customer service, and comprehensive dev docs.

Engaging chats every time

Use Viber’s native two-way and rich media messaging to level up your customer conversations.

Lottie file
Lottie file
Lottie file
Promotional Messages

Reach new and existing customers with targeted marketing campaigns. Broadcast special deals and offers, send coupons and vouchers, and more, on Viber Business.

Send up to 1,000 characters powered with media content, interactive buttons, and links.

Learn more about Promotional Messages

Viber Sessions

Create personalized 1:1 experiences on Viber. Customers can initiate conversations with brands to solve issues, ask questions, and provide feedback. 

Accelerate issue resolution and improve customer happiness with a digital and cost-effective channel. 

Learn more about Viber Sessions

Transactional Messages

Send relevant information throughout the customer journey, from travel notifications to appointment reminders and payment requests.

Create a unique customer experience at every touchpoint of your user journey.

Learn more about Transactional Messages

Simple & transparent pricing

We offer businesses market leading pricing for Viber Business - both in API or our Conversation Inbox.

Pay per message

For transactional and promotional you only pay for your consumption per message sent.

Pay per session

When your customers initiate the chat, a session opens—pay per 24-hour or 60 messages session.

Monthly minimum spend

A monthly minimum spend applies per business account for all message types exchanged in your business profile.

Frequently asked questions

  • How do I request an account with Viber Business Messages via tyntec?

    To start with Viber Business Messages with tyntec, you can fill out our Viber setup form


    Once you’ve completed it, you’ll receive a confirmation and we’ll integrate it onto Viber’s system. We promptly let you know once your account has been setup.


    In case your account request has been rejected – which is very rare – we will let you know the reasons why. When this happens, usually it is due to missing or incorrect information. Once your account and serviceIDs have been configured, you can start sending messages to your users.

    ℹ️ Find in here more information about our Viber onboarding process.

  • Can I request different messaging services in one account?

    Yes, you can use promotional, transactional, and conversational messages in one Viber Business Profile.  

    ℹ️ Note that regardless of the message type you're using on your Viber Business Profile, the monthly minimum spend is just charged once and associated with your business ID. 

  • How can I test Viber Business Messages via tyntec?

    There are two ways to try out Viber:


    • Viber Business Messages API only: create your account and use your 1,500 complimentary messages to try out Viber. 
    • Viber Business Messages + Conversations Inbox: sign up for the free trial here. You can try out the Conversations Inbox for 30 days with Viber, including 1,500 complimentary messages during the trial period. After the trial, you can continue using the Conversations Inbox for EUR 149,- /monthly. Viber messages are charged separately and not included in the Conversations Inbox pricing. 

    ✉️ In case you have any questions or want to proceed with a free trial for Viber, please contact our Onboarding team at

  • What’s included in the free trial?

    The tyntec free trial for Viber includes:


    • One month free to use the Conversations Inbox, the tyntec omnichannel platform. During the trial period, you can add up to ten agents and use the platform with all of its features during the trial period. 
    • 1,500 complimentary messages to try Viber out. 


    The trial does not include:


    • Unlimited messaging. After your 1,500 free messages, message consumption will be charged by tyntec. 
    • CRM, chatbot integration, and customizations in the Conversations Inbox. We provide these services free of charge for our paying customers only. After your free trial, you can integrate your CRM, chatbots and customize the tool according to your needs.
  • What happens after the trial?

    After the trial, the customer needs to decide to continue or cancel the subscription.


    If you decide to continue with Viber + Conversations Inbox:


    • In this option, you will be charged a monthly fee of EUR 149 for the Conversations Inbox, plus the Viber message fees. The Conversations Inbox monthly fee excludes the costs related to Viber messages, which are charged separately from the platform. 


    If you decide to continue with tyntec’s API for Viber Business Messages (without Conversations Inbox):


    • In this option, you will be charged for your Viber message consumption. In case your consumption is below the minimum you will be charged for the minimum only.


    If you decide to cancel all services:


    • We require a written note to cancel your services. Note that the monthly minimum spend applies automatically for Viber if the customer does not cancel or deactivate the account, one business day before the end of the month. 
    • If you decide to discontinue our service after the trial, we'll not charge you anything.


    After the trial, if you’re unsure whether to proceed, it’s possible to deactivate the account instead of canceling it. A deactivation would prevent you from having to restart the onboarding of a Viber business profile and is not billable. A business profile can be deactivated up to three times a year.