The Frictionless Customer Journey with WhatsApp Business

If your company isn’t already using WhatsApp as a customer communications channel, it’s time to get on board! The Frictionless Customer Journey with WhatsApp Business is a complete guide that provides you with everything you need to get up and running with the largest chat app in the world.


How to Reduce CX Friction with WhatsApp

Two billion people are hooked up on WhatsApp! Your customers are already using the green chat app – and are keen to talk to their favorite brands. For companies that want to use WhatsApp but are unsure about how to start, this book is the right place to begin this journey.

Packed with use cases, success stories, best practices, integration options, automation tips, and more, this book provides all the information you need in one place.

WhatsApp Book

Learn Inside

  • How utilizing WhatsApp Business will increase conversions and enhance user experience throughout the customer journey for both B2C and B2B companies with practical examples and case studies.
  • Current trends and geographical areas where WhatsApp is relevant.
  • Security, privacy, and GDPR implications when implementing WhatsApp.
  • Tips for using WhatsApp in the age of conversational marketing.
  • Automation via chatbots.
  • How to integrate the WhatsApp Business API.

Chapter 1

Introduction to WhatsApp Business

Get to know the trends that led to WhatsApp Business and why companies are turning to the leading chat app to reduce CX friction. Omnichannel, personalization, and conversational commerce are some of the main trends that are fueling the use of WhatsApp as a customer communication channel.

Find out where WhatsApp is relevant and learn the most common industries that are already leveraging the green messenger.

Chapter 2

WhatsApp Business Solutions

Many companies have started to communicate with their customers on the WhatsApp Business app. Now, many need to scale their conversations, and therefore are migrating to the API. How to identify the right moment to migrate from app to API? This chapter gives you a few signs.

You’ll also learn about the different types of business accounts and their basic elements (e.g. Display Name, Description, Phone Number, etc.). Get more information as well on features like Group Messaging and Bring Your Own Number, plus find out which content types are supported to date.

Chapter 3

Privacy and Security

Have you been concerned about GDPR compliance, data storage & co.? In this chapter, you’ll learn that there’s nothing to worry about! Get details on how the WhatsApp Business API complies with GDPR, how it handles data storage and privacy, and more.

You will also learn how to implement opt-ins for your company. We also cover additional information on business verification – a bottleneck for many companies – phone verification and official business accounts.

Chapter 4

WhatsApp and the Age of Conversational Marketing

Are you still considering using WhatsApp to send out newsletters? Oh, c’mon!

Learn how to leverage WhatsApp for Conversational Marketing and legit use cases. Check how Click-to-Chat will revolutionize personalized interactions, especially in connection with Instagram and Facebook.

Chapter 5

Removing Friction in the Customer Journey

Welcome to the backbone of this book! In this chapter, you’ll discover the core use cases for each phase of the customer journey (Awareness and Consideration, Purchase, Customer Care, and Loyalty) and learn how they solve the most grueling pain points for business-to-consumer companies.

Next, you will get detailed information on use cases, best practices and – very important – case studies on fast-moving companies all across the globe, including jet charter GlobeAir, made-to-measure fashion retailer Tailorman, and more.

From Conversation Starter Buttons to Personalized Shopping and Virtual Concierge, it’s time to spark your imagination!

Chapter 6

Reducing Friction in B2B

Do you think WhatsApp Business is only possible for B2C companies? In fact, the world’s most popular chat app also helps business-to-business companies accelerate customer service, increase efficiency in procurement and even in recruitment, as well as improve team collaboration. 

Explore how manufacturer Source.One and content marketing platform Nifty Window have upgraded their services to the next level with WhatsApp.

Chapter 7

Building WhatsApp Entry Points

How to make your WhatsApp channel visible to your customers? Let your customers know about your WhatsApp presence with Google Organic SERP listings, strategically placed conversation starter buttons on your website, IVR deflection, and even product packaging.

Chapter 8

Message Types

Let’s talk about the two types of messages allowed on the WhatsApp Business API: Message Templates and Chat Messages (during the “support window”). Find tips on how to create Message Templates and make sure they get approved by WhatsApp. Yes, best practices are included J.

Chapter 9

Automation & Chatbots

Automation via chatbots is essential to scaling customer conversations. In this chapter, you’ll learn which use cases are the most appropriate for chatbots to tackle and you’ll also gain insights on how to strategize and implement your WhatsApp bot.

Very important: WhatsApp requires companies that utilize automation to provide escalation between chatbots to agents. Here, you will get more information on how to do that.

Chapter 10

Integration and Roll Out

How to integrate WhatsApp? This chapter offers you a few options for integration. You can opt for our Support Inbox or even integrate via an API on your existing platform – be it a contact center, a CRM, or the like.

Your integration is done and now all you gotta do is roll out. So exciting! We conclude our book with a few suggestions on how to roll out your WhatsApp channel with minimum hiccups.



About the Author

Manuela Marques Tchoe is a Brazilian tech professional based in Munich, Germany. Working at global communications platform tyntec for over fifteen years and leading the WhatsApp Business unit at present, Manuela has in-depth experience with customer needs surrounding WhatsApp Business and how this new channel is helping thousands of companies to enhance CX globally.