WhatsApp Playbook: How Travel Brands Leverage WhatsApp Business to Reshape CX

As the leading chat app globally, WhatsApp is set to transform customer experiences in travel and tourism. Learn how to leverage WhatsApp Business throughout the travel journey with our Playbook.

Whatsapp Playbook Travel

Why You Need It

WhatsApp Business Messaging for Travel & Tourism

Travel brands CX strategy will be deeply affected by how millennials and Generation Z communicate: chat app messaging. Already 52% of travelers expect to communicate with a travel brand via messaging. As the largest chat app globally, WhatsApp is the channel of choice for travelers. It’s time for travel brands to future-proof CX with WhatsApp — our playbook will show you how.


Find out how WhatsApp is used for personalized bookings, booking notifications and customer service:

  • How to remove friction throughout the travel journey
  • Detailed scenarios for travel booking, conversational marketing and virtual concierge
  • Integration options
  • Learn from leading jet charter GlobeAir on how to increase CX speed and sales bookings with WhatsApp.

Chapter 1: Realizing the Potential and Benefits of WhatsApp of Business Solutions for Travel Brands

With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is ideally placed to meet the emerging consumer demand for fast, efficient conversational commerce in Travel & Tourism. It's the most popular messenger app globally, boasting over 1 billion active accounts with 65 billion messages sent every day. It also represents a huge opportunity for travel brands and tech providers to service their customers on a platform they're familiar and at ease with.

Chapter 2: Flight Notifications and Hotel Information via WhatsApp for Business

From repeatedly entering payment details to waiting for a call to be picked up, customers hate friction. WhatsApp addresses these traditional pain points, optimizing the experience throughout the travel journey, from pre-trip information to flight notifications and loyalty programs.

Chapter 3: Mastering Backend Integration with an Official Solution Provider through tyntec

Benefit from the best of both worlds by combining WhatsApp Business API with existing enterprise systems. Depending on the enterprise's existing tech environment, it can choose different integration paths when partnering with a WhatsApp Business Solution provider.

Chapter 4: Deep Impact – GlobeAir as an Example

WhatsApp for business is already delivering for many companies across multiple sectors. Key success metrics are presented from various industry sectors and tyntec’s unique success story with GlobeAir, a private jet charter company.


Manuela Marques Tchoe – Product Marketing Director

About The Author

Manuela Marques Tchoe is tyntec’s Product Marketing Director, bringing 10+ years’ expertise in mobile messaging. A Brazilian expat living in Munich, Manuela has been at tyntec since its startup times, growing and evolving with the company and the messaging industry.