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Benefits of WhatsApp Business for CX

WhatsApp is transforming the CX landscape with laggards being left behind by faster-moving competitors. It's important to understand why the WhatsApp Business API is set to become a core pillar of medium-to-large enterprise CX strategies.

WhatsApp playbook: use WhatsApp for your CX today!

WhatsApp Business Solution for Customer Engagement

First, traditional channels are struggling — for instance, only 25% of emails are opened compared to 98% of mobile messaging. Second, consumers want faster, more personalized customer experiences delivered via mobile. This demand, initially driven by Generation Z (21 years old or under), has now crossed over into the mainstream.


See how WhatsApp is used for personalized customer care and guided selling

  • Travel booking and customer care for private jet charter services
  • Telco notifications and x-selling for traveling subscribers
  • Financial services alerts and authentication for fraud protection
  • Retail advertisement engagement and guided selling for conversational commerce

Chapter 1: Realizing the Potential and Benefits of WhatsApp Business Solution for Customer Service

With over 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is ideally placed to meet the emerging consumer demand for fast, efficient 'conversational commerce'.It's the most popular messenger app globally, boasting over 1 billion active accounts with 65 billion messages sent every day. It also represents a huge opportunity for enterprise to service their customers on a platform they're familiar and at ease with.

Chapter 2: Removing Friction - Optimizing Customer Experience

From repeatedly entering payment details to waiting for a call to be picked up, customers hate friction. WhatsApp addresses these traditional pain points, optimizing the experience throughout the customer's journey, all within the messaging app.

Chapter 3: Securing Peerless Privacy the WhatsApp Business API

Enterprise has a serious problem—a majority of customers don't trust them to securely manage their data or respect their privacy. For instance, 68% of consumers feel concerned about their security on the internet. Of this group, most are nervous about banking/financial transactions and online shopping. To combat these fears, the WhatsApp API solution offers verification badges, two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Chapter 4: Mastering Backend Integration with an Official Solution Provider - tyntec

Benefit from the best of both worlds by combining WhatsApp Business API with existing enterprise systems. Depending on the enterprise's existing tech environment, it can choose different integration paths when partnering with a WhatsApp Business Solution provider.

Chapter 5: Deep Impact on the Customer Journey

WhatsApp for business is already delivering for many companies across multiple sectors. Key success metrics are presented from various industry sectors.

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