How Banks and Finance Companies Leverage WhatsApp

As the world’s leading chat app, WhatsApp is set to transform digital banking. Learn how to power customer conversations with WhatsApp for personalized banking services and increased conversions – without losing sight on security and GDPR compliance.

Finance Lookbook

WhatsApp for Banking and Finance

Twenty-nine percent of consumers have never used a banking app, while just 30 percent prefer to use online banking or a mobile app for complex or advisory services. At the same time, the use of WhatsApp Banking has been increasing exponentially across the globe. What better way to deliver financial services than the chat app customers already use?

Find out how to leverage WhatsApp in for conversational banking, personalized customer service, authentication and even marketing with tyntec’s new playbook.

Learn inside:

  • How to remove friction in various touchpoints across the customer journey
  • Detailed scenarios for customer service, click-to-chat, personalized service & advisory, security use cases and more
  • Integration options
  • Automation via chatbots
  • Success stories and a case study of credit card issuer Tarjeta Plan Platino.

Chapter 1

Seriously, WhatsApp With Your Customer Experience?

Get to know the trends that led to WhatsApp Business and why banks and finance companies are turning to the leading chat app to reduce CX friction.


Chapter 2

Realizing the Potential  

Learn what consumers expect when it comes to messaging businesses. Also, find out what benefits to expect when you integrate WhatsApp as a core communications channel for interacting with customers.


Chapter 3

Removing Friction

Discover the core use cases for each phase of the customer journey (Awareness and Consideration, Purchase, Customer Care and Loyalty), including customer service, authentication/security, marketing and more. Get conversational examples for core use cases that may be of interest to your business.


Chapter 4

Mastering Integration

Learn how to integrate the WhatsApp Business API and discover the options available to you. Also, take a deep dive into automation with chatbots and find out how tyntec can help.

Chapter 5

Deep Impact

Get to know companies in the banking and finance industry that have already integrated WhatsApp and the results they have sowed. From Banco Azteca in Mexico to Yapi Kredi in Turkey, get yourself inspired!

We also present a case study of our customer Tarjeta Plan Platino, a credit card issuer in Argentina. Learn how they reduced their costs by 60 percent by sending paperless financial statements.

Chapter 6

Key Takeaways

Get the main conclusions of this insightful playbook – and learn more about how tyntec can help.


About The Author

Manuela Marques Tchoe is a Brazilian tech professional based in Munich, Germany. Working at global communications platform tyntec for over fifteen years and leading the WhatsApp Business unit at present, Manuela has in-depth experience with customer needs surrounding WhatsApp Business and how this new channel is helping thousands of companies to enhance CX globally.