Conversational Clienteling for Fashion

The fashion industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. In this guide, learn how fashion brands and retailers can leverage chat apps like WhatsApp and Viber for Conversational Clienteling and grow in these challenging times.

Conversational Clienteling Guide for Fashion: How to Leverage WhatsApp & Viber
  • WhatsApp for the “new normal” in the fashion industry
  • Why conversational commerce and clienteling are now critical
  • How to remove friction in your entire customer journey (discovery, purchase and after sales)
  • Automation and chatbots
  • Insights, trends, use cases, and more

WhatsApp & co. for Clienteling 2.0

During the pandemic, huge numbers of folk have moved online to order fashion products – and this shift will become permanent.

WhatsApp and Viber will play a key role in deepening conversational commerce in a post Covid-19 world. This guide shows you how to leverage these channels in your digital mix.

Manuela Marques Tchoe
Product Marketing Director

About The Author

Manuela Marques Tchoe is tyntec’s Product Marketing Director, bringing 10+ years’ expertise in mobile messaging. A Brazilian expat living in Munich, Manuela has been at tyntec since its startup times, growing and evolving with the company and the messaging industry.