Guide | WhatsApp Business and Shopify

Integration for the Ultimate CX and Higher Conversion

In an increasingly competitive online shopping market, Shopify merchants are looking to strengthen customer engagement to accomplish more conversions and loyalty. With WhatsApp, merchants can achieve a new level of engagement, with all of the tools needed for personalized, secure, and immediate support.

Intergrate shopify with whatsapp business

Ultimate Customer Support

WhatsApp with Your Shopify Shop

This guide will help you leverage WhatsApp and boost your customer engagement strategy — from sending notifications for purchases and cancellations, to shipping confirmations and much more. Our WhatsApp Business solution can be easily integrated into your Shopify shop, making your customer journey more personalized and frictionless.


The Guide

What's Inside

  • The requirements needed to get started.
  • How the integration works (from tyntec and Shopify).
  • Notification usecases and how to implement them in your shop.
  • How you can enable messaging for conversational commerce.

Key Requirements

Make sure you have everything needed to begin your WhatsApp integration. You'll need a WhatsApp Business Account, currently be using shopify as your e-Commerce plaform, and a bit of coding skills to get started.

Notification Usecases

Find out how to implement the basics — shipping notifications, order confirmations, and order cancellations. Adding these three basic usecases to your business model can improve your return rate from missed package deliveries.

Advanced Usecases

Click-to-Chat is a new feature available with the WhatsApp Business solution. Link from a Facebook ad, or directly from your website to a chat on WhatsApp! See how you can implement this and other non-traditional usecases to improve your CX.