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The travel industry, with a wide range of communications flowing throughout the customer journey, is going through a transformation with the power of mobile messaging.

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What's in the guide

Travelers increasingly demand the use of messaging with travel brands – both a challenge and an opportunity for airlines, hotels, online travel agencies and technology providers.

This timely whitepaper from tyntec contains research data, deep insights and use cases on how mobile messaging can increase ancillary sales, bring agility to self-service and customer support and engage travelers with digital concierge services.

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“Mobile messaging plays a vital role in streamlining traveler engagement due to its high degree of flexibility, ubiquity, universality and conversational drive. With mobile messaging, brands can deliver personalized experiences simply by interacting with travelers, gathering preferences in this process and shaping services at the same time.”

— Catalin Badea, Director of A2P & Number Information Services at tyntec

Omni-channel Messaging for the Travel Industry Guide

Guide Contents

Download the Omni-channel Messaging Guide for the Travel Industry

In this Omni-channel Messaging Guide for the Travel Industry, you will learn:

  • How modern communication behavior and demands of travelers are affecting the travel industry.
  • The top customer engagement streams challenges, opportunities, and use cases.
  • The shift towards a messaging-centered mobile strategy.
  • Key challenges, trends, and messaging use cases for airlines and hospitality. 


About the Author

Manuela Marques Tchoe is tyntec’s Product Marketing Director, bringing 10+ years’ expertise in mobile messaging. A Brazilian expat living in Munich, Manuela has been at tyntec since its startup times, growing and evolving with the company and the messaging industry.