How to make smart WhatsApp chatbots

Did you get the memo? Gartner says by 2022, 70% of all customer interactions will involve tools like chatbots, machine learning and mobile messaging. R u ready? Here’s a clever way to put it all together. Get yourself a smart WhatsApp chatbot.

WhatsApp Chatbot Guide Illustration

WhatsApp Chatbot as a CX Transformer

By combining the world’s number one private messaging app WhatsApp and the latest machine learning technology, and dev-friendly development frameworks and integrations, smart WhatsApp chatbots are transforming customer experience and engagement. Here’s the development journey—from deciding what to automate to training chatbots for satisfying interactions.

The Why, What and How of WhatsApp Chatbot Development

  • How to decide what to bot

  • What goes into making a chatbot super smart

  • How to design the conversation flow

  • The secrets behind getting the development process right

  • How to build a winning team for CX automation

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