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What guidelines and regulations should I know about bulk SMS?

There are a few guidelines every enterprise should know before sending bulk SMS for business

  • Your recipients must agree to receive your text messages. This can be included in your Terms & Conditions or an opt-in in any of your customer touchpoints (web form, SMS opt-in, etc.). This gives you “proof of opt-in,” which operators in certain countries might require.
  • In addition, your recipients need to be able to opt out of your messaging program. For example, this can be done by replying to one of your messages.
  • When using a company name as the originator, a valid, existing company must be used. Sending messages in the name of a third party or a copyrighted trademark for which you don’t have the rights or license to send messages, is not allowed on our platform.

Additionally, each country might have specific regulations for bulk A2P SMS. To learn more about these requirements, contact your account manager or email support@tyntec.com.