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Why is access to a global communications network important?

When we use a technology service, we often do not know — or care — what happens in the background to make everything work. With many enterprises, startups and developers, the same is true with communication APIs: many see the beauty of the API layer and forget — or do not realize — that the real magic is actually the telecom network in the background. No matter how easy or simple it is to integrate the API, if the network does not work, everything falls apart.

The quality of the network and connectivity is what makes communications work and makes your business thrive. Here are three areas where the value of a global network proves to be invaluable:

Quality and deliverability for business SMS & co.

If your text messages cannot be delayed, phone calls have to be clear or phone intelligence has to be accurate, network quality is of the utmost importance. Having direct connections to mobile operators increases the deliverability. The fewer hops to deliver communications, the better.

Network availability and diagnostics

If the CPaaS provider is part of the telecom world, with deep access to network availability, it is faster and easier to solve issues for enterprises. CPaaS providers that focus more on APIs and orchestration have no control over the network might leave you hanging in the dark to solve a simple problem.

Cost savings across communications channels

Skip the middlemen and start saving. When you start scaling and your communication needs increase, you will ask why you’re paying for the middlemen.

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