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Nothing beats SMS for reach and immediacy. You can access your customers instantly anywhere. People read SMS messages fast too, so it’s perfect for time-sensitive communications. 


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Here are some great ways

to use Text Messaging for your business

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tyntec's advanced features

SMS Speedy Delivery
Speedy, global, assured delivery through our SMS Gateway

Your texts will arrive in seconds, anywhere in the world, straight from tyntec’s communications platform. Our strict SLAs and industry-leading network guarantee it.

SMS Branded Experience
Branded experience for your business SMS

Use branded sender IDs to help your customers recognize – and trust – the sender. For your added security, you can access our service with SSL and VPN.

SMS Easy Interation
Easy integration into your business application and process

Our simple and robust SMS Messaging APIs are developer-friendly. Your team can easily test and integrate them – and monitor the performance via our real-time dashboards.

Create a personalized

shopper experience

Ready to boost your customer retention?


In this whitepaper you'll discover,

  • How to power your customer journey with two-way messaging.
  • How shopper communication behavior has shifted towards conversational messaging.
  • What new customer engagement opportunities are being created for retailers.
  • Actionable tips for powering deep, personalized interactions by integrating real-time communications tools.



Retail Customer Conversations Whitepaper


Dig deeper into the power

of SMS for Business

Customer Engagement Shifts to Mobile Messaging

Find out more about the reach, speed and immediacy of text messaging, including key research findings:

  • 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes
  • 53% of people would prefer to send an SMS than call a customer service agent
  • 25% of respondents have received an SMS alert from the customer care department of their bank


Text Message Pricing

  • Mobile Chat
    Send a message
    0.012 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Voice
    Voice Calling
    To landline numbers
    0.003 €
    To mobile numbers
    0.338 €
  • Messaging
    Local SMS
    Send a message
    0.062 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Short Code
    3900 €
    1300 €
    Send a message
    0.086 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Landline
    1.11 €
    1.11 €
    Send a message
    0.085 €
    Receive a message
    0.013 €
    Virtual Phone Number - Mobile
    0 €
    33 €
    Send a message
    0.072 €
    Receive a message
    0 €
  • Number Information
    Portability Check
    Per successful query
    0.0019 €
  • Authentication
    Per successful authentication
    0.09 €

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Drop us a line for special conditions. We provide simple usage-based pricing and offer volume discounts. Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.

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