What can I do with Number Information and what service should I choose?

The Number Information API can help you reduce fraud, establish user identity, support two-factor authentication (2FA) processes, update your customer database and more.

tyntec’s Number Information provides an API for:

Portability Check 
This API solves routing and delivery issues for SMS messages and voice calls that may arise due to Mobile Number Portability (MNP). While MNP has been convenient for users, it has created a hurdle on the technical side. SMS messages and voice routing used to be performed via the phone number prefix, which was associated with the carrier. But MNP blurred the prefix lines. tyntec’s programmable Portability Check API lets you route SMS messages and voice calls correctly, by providing you with the phone numbers’ relevant data.


Information you need Use cases Benefits API
Determine the network the customer belongs Solve number portability and route SMS messages and voice calls appropriately Reduced cost for routing and increased delivery reliability Portability Check
Determine if customers are using a specific type of number - Identify if the number is virtual number (VoIP) - Identify if the number is a landline - Identify if the number is Premium or Special Services Reduce fraud by blocking suspicious numbers Portability Check

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