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Phone Verification

Verify phone numbers instantly

Determine validity, reachability and fraud risk of phone numbers entered into forms by users or auto dialers – perfect for sign-up forms, callback requests and data health checks.


How it works

tyntec’s Phone Verification is a web service that responds with information related to phone numbers to provide actionable insights for brands to ensure their customer records are accurate, improve success rates for customer outreach, and guard against bad actors.

Connected to real time and up-to-date data sources from mobile operators, national regulators, industry associations and other validated partners, the Phone Verification API makes it simple to

integrate the service directly into any stage of the customer journey, from sign-ups to customer service and engagement campaigns. As an open standards API (REST), it provides complete programmability to implement the verification features for unintrusive user experiences.

Delivered as a web tool, in addition to the API, brands can also access the service simply by uploading a list of phone numbers in the  tyntec Business Center and download the verification results.


Determine the reachability and trustworthiness of phone numbers to achieve successful customer outreach and proactive fraud prevention.

Validity Check

Check if the phone number is valid according to the numbering plan for that country to help the customer correct errors.

Line Type

Determine the phone number type (mobile, fixed, VOIP or premium) to decide with whom to communicate and how (texting or calling).   

Active Status

Check if the phone number has been assigned to a subscriber by an operator to keep inactive numbers out of customer records.

Mobile Operator

Identify the name and the country of the operator servicing the phone number to enrich the customer profile and trouble shoot call failures.

Roaming Status

Check if the subscriber is currently roaming internationally to improve customer experiences and detect suspicious account activities.

Fraud Risk

Determine the likelihood of the phone number being used by a bad actor, based on multiple risk factors, to prevent fraud.

When to use Phone Verification

Improve customer experiences and business outcomes throughout the customer journey. Check out these popular use cases and explore more with tyntec.

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Sign-up Forms

When a new customer fills out your contact form with a phone number. Make it easy for the customer to see errors and correct them on the spot to ensure accuracy of your customer records.

The API will also identify high risk phone numbers so that you can make informed decisions about fraud prevention and journey design for users with different risk profiles.

Callback Requests

When a customer fills out your contact form with a phone number to request a callback. Improve callback success rates by detecting errors and determining reachability of the phone number while the contact form is being filled out by the customer.

By knowing the mobile operator that’s servicing the phone number, you can even trouble shoot in case of a failed attempt to call back.

Data Health Checks

When a brand checks customer data before sending special offers or recommendations. Proactively remove bogus phone numbers from your customer outreach to keep your customer records accurate.

By enriching your audience profiles with channel capabilities (texting, voice-only) and fraud risk, you can improve campaign RIO and protect brand reputation. 

tyntec advantages

Take full advantage of the largest access to phone number information worldwide.

Powerful API

Complete programmatic access to implement the verification features into any operations, applications or web forms.

Tier-one Network

Industry-leading phone number data platform connected to an expansive network of mobile operators worldwide.

No-code Implementation

Immediate access to the service through tyntec’s web tool without having to integrate the API with your system.

Scalability for Growth

Built from the ground up to meet high transaction throughput requirements and support rapidly growing demands.

24/7 Support

Customer-centric support options available via multiple channels (including email, messaging, chatbot and calling).

Expandable features

Communications APIs and solutions that can easily be combined with Phone Verification to meet your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

  • What information does the Phone Verification service provide?

    Broadly speaking, Phone Verification answers these three main questions:

    1. Can I reach the subscriber behind this phone number by sending an SMS?
    2. Should I call back this unknown number?
    3. Should I accept this phone number on sign-up? 
  • What do the return values of the Phone Verification API mean?
    Value Description
    validNumberFormat is the number formatted correctly according to the numbering plan?
    activeNumber is the number currently assigned to a subscriber?
    numberType is the number a mobile number or fixed line?
    operatorName who is the home network operator of the subscriber?
    operatorCountry in which country is the number registered?
    fraudRisk what’s the likelihood of the number being associated with fraud?
    outreachReady should a message be sent to this number?
  • How soon can I start using the Phone Verification service?

    If you’re already a tyntec customer, you can start using the service immediately, right from my.tyntec.com.

    If you’re new to tyntec, please sign up to create your tyntec account. After that, you can try out the service for free, right from my.tyntec.com.