Conversations Inbox

Your omnichannel communication platform.

Use our simple yet powerful omnichannel platform to manage all the conversations with your customers in one place.


Choose from the channels your customers are on

Use Conversations Inbox with the channels you need, like WhatsApp, SMS, Viber, Instagram, Webchat, and many more.


One team inbox for all channels

Communicate with customers using one inbox for your team that works across channels. Add the channels you need like WhatsApp, SMS, Viber Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, your own webchat, and many more.

Conversations Inbox helps your team to quickly prioritize and resolve customer issues by providing a platform which improves communication and supports collaboration.

Add your team(s)
You can start simple with just a few team members or add hundreds of agents to your inbox to handle complex business structures more easily.

Team work
Accomplish more with intelligent routing of new conversations to specific teams or team experts, using automation rules.


Deliver best in class support

Boost efficiency
Improve response times and agent productivity with the Conversations Inbox. With a simple interface, your agents can support more customers in parallel.

Go beyond text
Share images, videos, PDFs and more. With media messages, you can expand your conversations with order confirmations, video tutorials and more. The sky is the limit!


Give context to your conversations

Connect your data
You don't have to switch dashboards to access customer information. Connect directly with HubSpot, Salesforce & co. for immediate access to customer profiles & data.

Learn more about integrations


Lower your response times

Quick replies
Let your agents add quick replies for faster and smoother conversations. Quick replies can be used across channels. Also, you can personalize messages through variables that get automatically filled, reducing friction and response time.

WhatsApp Message Templates
Your message templates are integrated as quick replies to answer customers timely. Once creating a new Message Template, it will be shown seamlessly as a quick reply.

Learn more about Message Templates


Use it for marketing

Shopping Cart Abandonment
Send messages directly to your customers’ preferred channel to get them back on your site.

Chat Commerce
We’ve integrated the WhatsApp Product Catalog eCommerce features directly in our inbox, so you can offer your products to more customers. Simply send Product Catalog Messages.

Learn more about Product Catalog Messages

Personalized Offers
Send personalized messages to customers to offer special deals, last minute offers, new products, and more. And retain customers by letting them know about your loyalty programs.

More goodness your way

Use a wide range of features to improve your agents’ productivity and increase your effectiveness when handling conversations.

Omnichannel Inbox

Handle customer conversations from multiple channels in one inbox. You choose the channels you need.

Agent Notifications

Agents are automatically informed once a new message comes in, decreasing response times.

Media Message Templates

Go beyond text. With Conversations Inbox, you can send and receive images, videos, weblinks, interactive buttons and more.

Team Collaboration

Create teams and assign conversations to a team or specific experts within a team. And use labels to tag conversations.


Use auto-replies for out-of-office replies or welcome messages to set the right expectations about response times.

Chat Commerce

Use our commerce tools to offer in-chat shopping with WhatsApp’s new Product Catalog Messages.


Manage cross channel conversations in one inbox queue to enable your support team to always stay on top of things.

Bring your chatbot

Already using a chatbot like IBM Watson or Dialogflow? Then simply connect your existing chatbot with Conversations Inbox.

Notes & Profiles

Let your agents add shared notes to a contact and connect your customer CRM for contextual profile views.


Want to use automated message flows? Then simply connect Zapier or tray.io with Conversation Inbox.

Analytics Insights

Use our out-of-the-box analytics tools for KPI tracking or connect your inbox with tracking systems like Tableau.

Intelligent Routing & NLP

Set automation rules to assign new conversations faster to a team or specific team members.

Why to choose tyntec?

We are a leading partner for conversational APIs and solutions with over 20 years of experience in the field.

30-day Free Trial

Start today with your 30-day Free Trial for Conversations Inbox, including almost all features. Just add the channels you need.

Fast onboarding
It just takes minutes to set up your Conversations Inbox.

Add more channels
Need other channels as well? Go true omnichannel with our Conversations API that offers many more channels.

1,500+ businesses

Many businesses around the globe trust us and already use Conversations Inbox in their daily operations.

Hosted in Europe
We run our own in-house datacenters and network infrastructure in Germany.

Strict data protection
No messages are ever archived on our side and phone numbers are translated during transmission to WhatsApp.

Easy integrations

Give conversations context they deserve by integrating your existing CRM with Conversations Inbox.

Connect your chatbot
Use one of our integrations to connect your existing chatbot with WhatsApp.

Make use of your CRM
Implement your existing CRM with Conversations Inbox for better context.


“We see ourselves as a premier service provider, we want to be very close to our clients. That's why we chose WhatsApp as the main communication channel to communicate with them. The interaction is so quick and so informal you actually develop even more trust and even more bonding with your customer.”

Bernhard Fragner
CEO of Globe Air

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I start with the Conversations Inbox?

    The Conversations Inbox is an omnichannel, web-based platform that includes one WhatsApp Business Profile. The first step to start the Conversations Inbox is to create your WhatsApp Business Profile and then enable you to access the platform with an easy setup.

    After your WhatsApp Business Profile has been configured, you can proceed with your Conversations Inbox by filling out this form.

    After that, you will receive an email with a personalized link to your Conversations Inbox setup. Follow the link from the email and fill out the form.

    It takes between 1–2 business days until your Conversations Inbox is activated. You will receive a link via email to activate your admin account.    

    ℹ️ Once your account is activated, you can log in using this link: https://cmd.tyntec.com/login/signin

  • What are the differences between Conversations Inbox and Conversations API?
    Conversations Inbox (+ Conversations Inbox API) Conversations API
    Communications Channel
    WhatsApp Business API
    Viber Business Messages
    • Beta
    • Beta
    Telegram Bot
    • Beta
    • Beta
    Twitter Direct Messages
    Instagram Direct Messages
    Facebook Messenger
    Apple Business Chat
    Administration & Support
    WhatsApp Account Management Business Center Business Center & API
    Viber Account Management Support Ticket Support Ticket
    Omnichannel communications
    Auto Replies
    Quick Replies
    Contacts & Teams
    Bulk Messaging
    • In App
    • Business Center
    Black- & Whitelisting
    Bot integration
    Search conversations
    Instant messaging among agents
    Technical Support
    24/7 Email Support
    Help Center - Documentation
    Single Sign On (SSO)
    Data Governance
    GDPR Compliance
    Conversation History
    • 90 days
  • How can I broadcast messages with the Conversations Inbox?

    The Conversations Inbox enables companies to broadcast information on every channel activated on the platform by using the Lists feature. 

    Lists are a great way of sending a list of your customers a single message without sending each one the message manually. You can create different lists for each channel in your Conversations Inbox. You can upload a list of contacts as a CSV file. 

    ℹ️ Have a look at our step-by-step Broadcasting Tutorial here.

    ℹ️ Note that the Conversations Inbox has to follow each channel’s rules for message broadcasting. Initiating a message on Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger is not possible due to Facebook's restrictions.

    For broadcasting/bulk messaging with WhatsApp, check the best practices here.

  • What system integrations are available for the Conversations Inbox?

    We provide integrations to CRM and AI systems free of charge for our customers to reduce development time and resources when using the Conversations Inbox, including Microsoft Dynamics and IBM Watson.

  • How can I automate conversations with Conversations Inbox?

    There are different ways on how you can automate conversations on the platform, namely:

    • Basic automation: set up autoresponders triggered by customer inquiries. These can be out-of-office replies and greeting messages. 
    • Chatbot integration: you can hand over conversations to virtual assistants with Conversations Inbox via third-party integrations. These can be simple Q&A chatbots used to welcome the client, provide opening hours, weblinks to recent products, etc., as well as automated chatbots that trigger automated messages linked to recent orders and shipment status.

    Basic Automation

    You can create an auto-reply message that is synched to the business hours of a channel.

    ℹ️ Check more information about how to create auto-replies here

    Chatbot Integration

    You can integrate chatbots on the Conversations Inbox in a tailored manner. Chatbot integrations are also provided at no extra cost, no matter what pricing package you’ve chosen.


    ✉️ If your business requires a chat integration, please contact us on support@tyntec.com to discuss your requirements.