WhatsApp Business

Your users are on WhatsApp. Are you?

75% of consumers prefer to engage with businesses over chat channels. Create your WhatsApp Business Profile in a matter of minutes with us and start engaging with customers.


Ensure your success with WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business Platform allows medium and large businesses to connect with customers all over the world.

Official Partner

We are global business solution partner of WhatsApp and Meta with 20 years of experience in conversational solutions.

Made for business

Thousands of businesses around the globe trust us and onboarded with us to use WhatsApp and other channels every day.

Scale as you grow

We offer scaleable, reliable APIs and solutions, so you can focus on growing your business success.

Inbox or API? We have both.

You decide how you want to use WhatsApp Business. Get your communication running with our Conversations Inbox or use our Conversations API to connect to WhatsApp.


Conversations Inbox

Manage your conversations across channels in one place. Provide your team a simple to use interface that allows full context by connecting it with your CRM systems, like Hubspot, Salesforce, and many more. Sync customer profiles & order data, connect your chatbot and use quick replies to handle more in less time.


WhatsApp Business API

Integrate WhatsApp as a channel with our Conversations API in any software you already use. Build and scale with tyntec’s omnichannel REST API for conversations.


Chat at every touchpoint

Get inspired how WhatsApp can improve interactions with your customers along every touchpoint of your customer journey.

Conversational Commerce

Provide an integrated shopping experience and showcase your products with WhatsApp's native catalogue and cart function. Your customers can browse items and add them to a cart without leaving the chat.

Customer Service / Support

Answer inquiries and questions quickly and provide high-end customer service on WhatsApp. You can also proactively engage customers after the purchase process; send tips, updates, new collections, and more.

Personalized Shopping

Personalized recommendations, Help your customers find the right products with personalized shopping experiences and digital clienteling.

Notifications & Alerts

Send notifications and alerts to inform your customers about their orders, appointments, delivery information, loyalty point reminders, and more.


Reach out to your customers for promotional campaigns, invite customers to digital events, and add inbound marketing on your website and social media with WhatsApp call-to-action buttons.

Click-to-chat / Click-to ads

Use Facebook's and Instagram's Click-to-Chat ads to guide customers to engage with you on WhatsApp.

Strong features for every need

Create engaging customer experiences with WhatsApp and grow your business by going conversational with rich features.

Verified business accounts

Become a ‘Verified Business’ to show your users that they can trust your business on WhatsApp.

Rich messaging

Go beyond text messages and send interactive and engaging messages using media elements and interactive buttons.

Product Catalog Messages

Let customers shop for your products directly in WhatsApp with the new Product Catalog Messages.

Bring your own number

Use your existing phone number for WhatsApp Business. Any mobile, landline, or toll-free number works.

Template Manager

Manage your Message Templates with our easy-to-use Message Template Manager, and use localizations and variables.

Broadcast messages

Use WhatsApp’s Message Templates to broadcast messages, like alerts and notifications to inform your customers.

Why WhatsApp with us?

We want you to be able to make the most of your WhatsApp Business Account. And leverage all the features.

Get going fast

Reach out to your customers and let them know that you are available on WhatsApp. It’s fast, simple and easy.

Fast onboarding
It just takes minutes to create your WhatsApp Business Profile.

Reliable and scaleable APIs
Future-proof your infrastructure by implementing our programmable API.

Add more channels
Need other channels as well? Go true omnichannel with our Conversations API that offers many more channels.

Stay compliant and secure

Privacy matters to you and your customers. Stay compliant with our enterprise-grade governance.

End-to-end encryption
Messages between your servers and tyntec are end-to-end encrypted.

Hosted in Europe
We run our own in-house datacenters and network infrastructure in Germany.

Strict data protection
No messages are ever archived on our side and phone numbers are translated during transmission to WhatsApp.

Easy integrations

Give conversations context they deserve by integrating your existing CRM with Conversations Inbox.

Connect your chatbot
Use one of our integrations to connect your existing chatbot with WhatsApp.

Make use of your CRM
Implement your existing CRM with Conversations Inbox for better context.

Add eCommerce
Connect Shopify or Magento to use them directly with WhatsApp.


“We see ourselves as a premier service provider, we want to be very close to our clients. That's why we chose WhatsApp as the main communication channel to communicate with them. The interaction is so quick and so informal you actually develop even more trust and even more bonding with your customer.”

Bernhard Fragner
CEO of Globe Air

How to get started

New to WhatsApp?

You want your business to start using WhatsApp and explore how WhatsApp can leverage growth via messaging? Then try it out for free with our Free Trial.

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Want to transition to tyntec?

Already working with another WhatsApp Business provider? Make the switch to tyntec without changing your phone number and no downtime.

Transition to tyntec

Want to become a partner?

You develop your own software and want your customers to use WhatsApp Business. Then become an official ISV partner with tyntec.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I try out tyntec’s WhatsApp Business?

    There are different ways on how you can try out WhatsApp with tyntec:

    • Free trial with the Conversations Inbox
    • Try out with 1,500 complimentary messages
    • Try out without your own WhatsApp Business Profile

    Find out more below on the specifics of each option.

    Free trial with the Conversations Inbox

    With this option, you can try out WhatsApp without integrating the API. That means, all you have to do is to create your WhatsApp Business Profile with tyntec, and setup your Conversations Inbox access.

    This is what you get with the 30-day free trial:

    • A live WhatsApp Business Profile (no sandbox or artificial environment)
    • 1,500 complimentary messages
    • Access to the Conversations Inbox
    • No commitment - at the end of the free trial, you can decide to continue, cancel or deactivate your account.

    This is how you can get started:

    🚫 The free trial with WhatsApp and Conversations inbox is NOT available for potential WhatsApp ISV partners. To test our WhatsApp service, you can create your WABA with the Starter package and use 1,500 complimentary messages to test our service. If you have any questions on how potential partners can test our services, please get in touch here.

    Try out with the Starter package and complimentary messages

    You can also set up a productive WhatsApp Business account with API integration via the Starter package. This requires that you go through the onboarding process. This is not binding and most customers use it in their pilot phase and/or for demos (especially ISV partners).

    This option has a few benefits, including:

    • Access to WhatsApp's entire feature set with a live WhatsApp profile
    • 1,500 complimentary test messages
    • You can use it for as long as your internal project lasts or to serve as a demo for clients. After your complimentary messages are used, message fees apply.
    • You can cancel the Starter package at any time. There's no long term commitment.
    • You can deactivate your account at any time to avoid incurring in monthly costs.

    The Starter package is billed at a monthly fee of EUR 89, which includes the complete setup and configuration of your WhatsApp account, plus unlimited session messaging for 1000 active contacts.

    ℹ️ In case the Starter package is the right option for you, get started right away by creating your tyntec account.

    ℹ️ Follow the onboarding process instructions here.