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Reach 2 billion users with our WhatsApp Business solution. Connect to your users with the most popular chat app globally! With tyntec's officially supported API for WhatsApp Business, you'll have access to a feature rich, scalable, and GDPR compliant solution.

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Integrate Anywhere

Our WhatsApp Business API can be integrated into any system you're currently running. Alternatively, use the Support Inbox or Engagement Platform to manage your WhatsApp chats with zero developer efforts.

Lightning Speed Onboarding

Day-to-day business time passes quickly, and your priority is to get your WhatsApp Business Account up-and-running. Our team offers a lightning speed onboarding option of 48 hours, so you can get started whenever you need to.


All Features – We've Got You Covered

Use our feature-rich, programmable API. We constantly add new features and improvements for you.

Branded Messaging

Become a ‘Verified Business’ to show your users that they can trust the phone number of your business account on WhatsApp. 

Bring Your Own Number (BYON)

Bring your own number to WhatsApp Business solution – either mobile, landline, or toll-free.

Simple API Integration

Integrate our REST API into your existing systems (CRM, contact center, chat, etc.) or use our Support Inbox or Engagement Platform.

Rich Messaging

Send and receive texts, images, files (e.g. PDFs), locations, videos, weblinks, call-to-action buttons or quick replies on WhatsApp.


Branded stickers add the little extra to conversations with your customer base, creating memorable moments between your brand and users.

Interactive Buttons

Let users perform specific tasks or add quick replies to go beyond just text. Making it easy to perform purchases and enhanced Customer Support.

Content types

What You Can Send with the WhatsApp Business API

Find out what content types or media files are supported with the WhatsApp Business solution.

Full Support

Text Messages

Send plain text messages or combine text with emojis.

Full Support


Send images to your users. PNG, JPG, JPEG files are accepted by the API.

Full Support


Send files for your users to download, such as PDF’s or other attachments.

Full Support


Send videos to users, they can directly play in the app.

Full Support

Interactive Buttons

Provide different call-to-actions or quick replies for faster interactions and task completion by your users.

Full Support


Share locations as a message, containing longitude and latitude coordinates.


Call-to-actions / Quick Replies

Interactive Buttons

Add call-to-actions or quick replies to your messages to guide and automate conversations with your users at no extra cost. Interactive buttons enable your customer service or chatbot to automate specific tasks such as choosing orders and purchases, scheduling appointments, and more.



Make your brand stick

Add fun to your customer conversations with branded stickers, creating memorable experiences. Give your agents more creative options for customer chats with a fun component, leading to increased engagement.


Message Types

Message Templates vs. Chat Messages

Business Initiated Conversations

Message Templates

When you initiate a conversation with your users, you will need to use Message Templates. These templates must be pre-approved by WhatsApp. With Message Templates you can send notifications, updates, reminders, and more. In addition to text, images and PDFs are available as media message templates.

User Initiated Conversations

Chat Messages

When a user sends a message to your WhatsApp Business Account (starting the 24-hour support window) you can send messages to that user without the use of a templated message. For Chat messages, there are no WhatsApp fees.


GDPR | Data Privacy & Security

GDPR Compliant and Secure

Our WhatsApp Business API is GDPR compliant. A variety of features, our technical setup and infrastructure adhere to strict privacy regulations.

End-to-End Encryption

Messages between your servers and tyntec’s servers are end-to-end encrypted via HTTPs. This means, even WhatsApp cannot read or decrypt any conversations between you and your users.

Hosted in Europe

We host our data centers and network infrastructure in-house in Germany, allowing us to monitor and control our own network without relying on a third party provider. 

Secure Data Processing

The phone numbers provided by your business are translated to a routing ID within tyntec’s data centers before being transmitted to WhatsApp's network for message delivery.

Strict Data Protection

No messages or media assets are archived on tyntec's side, and the WhatsApp Business API doesn't access the users phones or their address books. This ensures compliance with strict data protection standards.

Secure Transmission

tyntec offers multiple secure transmission options, such as VPN tunnels or TLS. These safeguards protect messages throughout their transmission journey without the risk of exposure.

Penetration Testing

tyntec’s systems are regularly tested with routine penetration tests and automated vulnerability scans, performed by certified penetration testers. 


Pricing Plans

WhatsApp Business Pricing

Simple and fair. Choose one of our packages that best fits your business needs – you can always upgrade if you need to.



Best for start-ups and small businesses.

€ 89

per month *

Start now →


  • 1 number included *
  • 25 numbers maximum
  • 1 month min. commitment

View plan details

€ 89.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.





Optimal for small to medium sized businesses with growing user bases.

€ 169

per month *

Start now →


  • 2 numbers included *
  • 25 numbers maximum
  • 6 months min. commitment

View plan details

€ 169.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.





Ideal for international enterprises, SaaS providers, and large technology brands.

€ 299

per month *

Start now →


  • 5 numbers included *
  • unlimited **
  • 12 months min. commitment

View plan details

€ 299.00 monthly service fee, message fees apply Pricing effective from August 1, 2020

* Phone numbers registered under the same WABA ID.

** All phone numbers of an enterprise will be provisioned under the same WABA ID so the phone numbers will share Message Templates. The setup of additional WABA IDs is only necessary and available for enterprises with 25+ active numbers


WhatsApp Pricing Calculator

Calculate your monthly costs for WhatsApp Business

Our WhatsApp Business pricing calculator will help you find the right plan before signing up. Easily calculate message costs per country and per activated number by clicking below. You can also download your costs overview.


WhatsApp in 3 Simple Steps

Ready to get started? It's easy and straightforward to setup your WhatsApp Business Account with tyntec.

Sign Up

Every business has to go through an approval and business verification process. As a first step, sign up for a free tyntec account.

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Integration & Setup

Once approved, we will configure your account with you. You can now create your Message Templates and integrate our API (or use our Support Inbox / Engagement Platform).

API Reference
Support Inbox
Engagement Platform


You can start small or big – that’s up to you! Test internally, iterate and improve your solution – and go live when you’re ready to start your WhatsApp Business.

Get Started Guide


from localhost to everyone

Made for Developers

Get where you need to go, fast. With just a few lines of code you are able implement the WhatsApp Business API. Check out our WhatsApp Docs Center with detailed information on how to get started setting up your account and more.


Get Started

How to start with WhatsApp Business

There are multiple ways to start using WhatsApp Business. Either integrate the API in your systems, or use tyntec’s Support Inbox, or tyntec's Engagement Platform, and get started in no time.

Developer API

API Integration

Made for developers. Integrate WhatsApp Business with our programmable REST API. Add WhatsApp as a channel to your existing system, like CRMs or any other software.


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  • Programmable REST API
  • Tailored integrations possible
  • Extensive documentation
  • Developer friendly API Reference
  • Expert tech support
Support Platform

Support Inbox

Get started right away with WhatsApp Business. Read about our web based interface to send and receive WhatsApp messages. No coding or development needed. More channels included.

Learn more

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  • No API integration needed
  • No developer expertise needed
  • Turn-key solution
  • Ready on short notice
  • Supports WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter (more channels coming soon)

Get Inspired

Success Stories

Find out how companies are using tyntec and why. Get inspired to bring a more meaningful customer experience to your target audience and drive communication success in your company.

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Taking Travel CX to New Heights at Jet-Setting Speed

Find out how Globe Air takes travel customer experience to new heights for all customers via the WhatsApp Business API. Making pre-flight communication, booking and payment happen easily.

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Going Paperless and Conversational Right on WhatsApp

Find out how a credit card issuer is boosting customer opt-ins for paperless statements by letting the customers choose the chat app they love using everyday – yes, the world’s number one private messaging app WhatsApp.

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Removing Waste and Inefficiency from Procurement Processes

Find out how Source.One is providing personalized and immediate B2B communications, reducing their entire buying process on the tune of 99.4% via WhatsApp Business API!

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The Frictionless Customer Journey with WhatsApp Business

If your company isn’t already using WhatsApp as a customer communications channel, it’s time to get on board! The Frictionless Customer Journey with WhatsApp Business is a complete guide that provides you with everything you need to get up and running with the largest chat app in the world.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Your Questions Answered
  • How does the WhatsApp setup work with tyntec?

    Once your brand is approved, tyntec initiates the setup process to create your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). Firstly, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to proceed.


      Step 1

      You will have to prepare key information for the setup. For example, what's the display information (business name, description, contact details, etc.) that will be in your WhatsApp Business Account? What's your Facebook Business Manager ID to connect your WABA to tyntec?

      This is the information you need to enable tyntec to configure your WABA:

      • Get your API Key: to associate your future WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) with tyntec, we need to know your API key name. Create an account in tyntec’s Business Center, check “API settings” at the left side menu and collect your API key and your API key name.
      • Facebook Business Manager ID: Check here how to get it.
      • Phone number: you have to provide a new, valid phone number at this stage. You also need to identify whether this phone number is capable of receiving SMS or whether it’s associated with an IVR. Check the guidelines on how to choose a phone number.
      • Display information: define your business name, business description, address, brand image and more. This is the information shown in your WhatsApp Business Profile.
      • Webhook URLs (optional): define the webhook URLs for incoming messages and delivery notifications.
      • Choose your pricing plan: define your package according to your needs. Check our available pricing packages.


      Step 2

      Then you can proceed with the completion of the Setup form, which will be sent to you via email.


      Step 3

      After completion, you will receive a notification on your Facebook Business Manager to accept tyntec to "message on behalf" of your company.

      Please note you need admin access to see the “message on behalf of” and accept this request on your Facebook Business Manager.


      Step 4

      The approval will trigger an invite to verify your business on Facebook. This step is necessary to guarantee that the user experience on Facebook remains safe and trustworthy with legitimate companies only.


      Step 5

      Your chosen phone number (as per included in the setup form) has to be verified. You will receive a verification code via SMS or phone call (depending on your phone number's capability) and have to share it with tyntec.


      Step 6

      Your WABA is ready! You can start exchanging messages. Make sure your opt-in is in place and that everything is tested.

      Check more details of the process here and our comprehensive checklist.

    • How can I use media message templates?

      Companies that want to anticipate customers’ needs can easily use media message templates to send bank statements, boarding passes, order confirmations and more without having to wait for your user to initiate a conversation or reply to your message.

      Any industry aiming at implementing the WhatsApp Business API can use this feature. Here are a few examples:

      • Retail and e-commerce: send images to descriptions of purchased products, provide receipts, order confirmations, shipping updates and return labels.
      • Finance and banking: send account statements, mini balance sheets, invoices and more as PDF files.
      • Travel: boarding passes, itineraries, travel vouchers and more.
      • Telco: account statements, plan changes, balance updates, etc.


      Check our blog post How WhatsApp’s Rich Media Templates Will Remove Friction in CX for more information.


    • How much does tyntec charge for WhatsApp Business?

      WhatsApp Business pricing with tyntec has the following elements:

      • Monthly fee: tyntec offers three packages with a monthly fee (starter, growth and enterprise), and each of them will have certain services and benefits included, such as a certain number of message templates and WhatsApp Business Accounts. Have a look at our Pricing Packages
      • Messaging fees:
        • tyntec charges a flat rate for sending and receiving messages of EUR 0.004 on a pay-as-you-go basis. Depending on your package, your incoming messages (messages your customers send to you) may be waived.
        • WhatsApp also charges a fee for each message your company sends. There is no WhatsApp fees for incoming messages from your customers. WhatsApp fees are calculated on a country-basis. Please have a look here.


      tyntec does NOT charge setup fees.

      If you are a technology provider, we’re happy to adjust pricing according to your platform. Please get in touch with us to discuss at


    • How can I set up an internal pilot project with the WhatsApp Business API?

      Setting up a sandbox environment for WhatsApp is rather tricky, but there are options on how to test the service with minimal effort:


          The first option is that tyntec provides you with a number and a tyntec-brand account and you can test it out. This option means you don't have to setup a WhatsApp Business Account.


          Alternatively, you can also set up a "right productive" account. You can take this to another provider at any time without making any commitments. It's just a registration. This requires a phone number, your Facebook Business Manager ID and a logo that you can fill out in tyntec’s Set Up Your WhatsApp Business Account form. This is not binding and most customers use it in their pilot phase. This will also make it easier for you and your company.


          The benefit of option two is that you have access to the entire feature set and can properly conduct internal tests, instead of using a version that isn’t consistent with reality. Your telephone number will be verified again with a phone call. To make sure your account is verified, we usually schedule a short meeting for this purpose.


          Another thing you can do is to use our Echo Channel. With this function, you can do requests against tyntec API without actually reaching the WhatsApp network. tyntec simulates our respective responses, so you can test out our API with minimum effort. All the messages can be simulated for the testing, so you can check the connection to our APIs without any productive traffic. Check more information here.  


          Get in touch with us if you're planning to setup a pilot project and how tyntec can help out.


        • What integration options does tyntec support?

          tyntec's API for WhatsApp Business is platform-agnostic and able to be integrated onto any system. You can find our API reference here.


          tyntec provides a wide array of integrations for relevant platforms such as:


          It's possible that, depending on each customers' requirements, a deeper integration is needed. An example is the use of WhatsApp integrated onto Slack, which tyntec has implemented for jet charter company GlobeAir. Check here the success story for more details.


          In case you're looking into integrating tyntec's API onto your system, get in touch with us to discuss.


          If you want to use WhatsApp but have no developer resources or simply prefer to keep WhatsApp chats separate from your system, our Support Inbox or Engagement Platform may be the right solution for you. Get in touch with us or schedule a demo for more information.


        Customer References October 2019