tyntec Leads the Industry with Tier One Provider Ranking In ROCCO A2P SMS Messaging Performance Report


Company’s leadership in reliability, monetization, industry expertise and other A2P SMS performance areas stands out among more than 25 worldwide providers

MUNICH, May 30, 2019tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced it earned a Tier One ranking in ROCCO’s 2019 A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Performance Report. In the report, mobile network operators (MNOs) acknowledged tyntec’s strength in solving key challenge areas, and leadership in effective traffic monetization and high trust scores.

The global A2P SMS market is growing at a steady pace, and analysts predict it will reach a valuation of US$86.53 billion by 2025. With this growth however, MNOs are facing a number of new and mounting challenges in providing consistent international A2P SMS service. Pricing disparities across vendors, security, global reach and access, cross-border regulations and delivery issues have created a critical need for high performing, flexible and reliable messaging vendors.

“tyntec has again reached tier one in our MNO rated Vendor Performance research. Many of the mobile network operators around the world who responded, see tyntec as a reliable and trustworthy partner and gave high scores for their performance. tyntec is highly deserving of designation on the Tier One list,” said Jason Bryan CEO, ROCCO RESEARCH.

What started as a marketing campaign tool, A2P SMS is now increasingly integrated into a broad range of use cases for customer service, engagement and identity management.

“A2P SMS messaging is changing quickly, and has become an important and useful part of the global telecoms landscape over the last decade,” said Thorsten Trapp, co-founder and CTO at tyntec. “My team continues to focus on expanding our capabilities to serve rising and emerging messaging use cases. Through our growing portfolio of messaging and number verification services, we help mobile network operators and enterprises harness more value out of their networks and emerging technology. It is this commitment to innovation and excellent performance that has earned us the recognition as an A2P SMS messaging Tier One provider.”

In addition to inclusion in the ROCCO report, tyntec was honored as a key player in the future of A2P SMS messaging at an awards ceremony during ROCCO’s A2P Messaging Leadership 2019 Strategy Event in London.


About tyntec
tyntec is a global cloud communications provider, and an authorized WhatsApp Business solution provider, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers, workforce and machines. tyntec has built its global connectivity from the ground up and developed cloud APIs on top to provide the full advantage of cloud communications on a global scale. Building on its carrier-grade connectivity, tyntec continues to advance how today’s enterprises utilize the universal services of messaging, voice, phone numbers and authentication to connect and perform transactions with people around the world. For more information, please visit www.tyntec.com


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