tyntec brings WhatsApp Business API’s rich media features to its financial services client and help consumers receive account statements right on time

tyntec’s customer Tarjeta Plan Platino uses WhatsApp’s rich media capabilities – through tyntec’s Chat API – and changes how credit card statements are viewed by their customers.

MUNICH, December 3, 2019tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced that one of the company’s clients in the financial services sector is now using WhatsApp Business API’s rich media capabilities to send monthly statements to banking customers in Argentina.

WhatsApp’s rich media has provided a unique opportunity for tyntec’s customer Tarjeta Plan Platino to move away from the conventional methods of sending monthly account statements to their customers (postal services and emails).

With 23 branch offices in the province of Cordoba, Argentina, Tarjeta Plan Platino creates a unique combination of community based face-to-face service and mobile messaging based experience right on WhatsAppp, which is used by almost all of their customers. In addition to modernizing their customer experience, WhatsApp Business API is helping the financial services company ensure on-time delivery of the monthly statements and save money at the same time.

Before using the API, Tarjeta Plan Platino used email as a way to deliver paperless account statements to their customers, but once the customers were given the option to choose, WhatsApp quickly became the most preferred way – showing 200% more opt-ins compared to email in just 2 months.

tyntec WhatsApp APi

“As a regional credit card issuer we compete with larger national companies. Putting great care in doing things the way our customers want is a cornerstone of how we differentiate our brand. And using WhatsApp to deliver important documents and provide customer support is a perfect example of that,” said Walter Zicovich, Co-Founder of Tarjeta Plan Platino. “Our customers love how they have everything they need right on the same app they use everyday. And we’re also reducing costs by replacing postal mails with WhatsApp and using less paper. It’s a win-win-win situation.”

“Providing peace of mind to our customers with an official business profile on WhatsApp is important for building trust as we’re sharing personal financial information with our customers,” continued Walter Zicovich. “With 45% of our customers opting in to receive account statements on WhatsApp – and increasing by about 10% month over month – we’re committed to integrating more systems with WhatsApp to provide better experiences for both our customers and agents.”

The ability to add new chat channels like WhatsApp, without disrupting existing agent-facing applications and UIs, is critical for businesses to ensure adoption and a positive user experience. “The flexibility and configurability built into our Chat API make sure that our clients aren’t forced to add additional software overhead or impede the user experience when they add new platforms,” said Dr. Marco Lafrentz, VP of Products, tyntec.

tyntec is a global cloud communications provider, and a WhatsApp Business solution provider, enabling businesses to communicate with their customers, workforce and machines. tyntec has built its global connectivity from the ground up and developed cloud APIs on top to provide the full advantage of cloud communications on a global scale. Building on its carrier-grade connectivity, tyntec continues to advance how today’s enterprises utilize the universal services of messaging, voice, phone numbers and authentication to connect and perform transactions with people around the world. For more information, please visit www.tyntec.com

Tarjeta Plan Platino is a regional credit card issuer operating in the province of  Cordoba, Argentina. With its 23 offices in the region, it allows its customers to easily access its services and provides different financing options through its 7500 affiliated stores. For more information, please visit www.planplatino.com.ar

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