RCS is your next rich Business Messaging

The long-awaited sequel of SMS is here. Rethink the known borders of text messaging – RCS means rich features and branded interactions in a chat app-like experience.

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Customer References inline october 2019

What is RCS?

RCS delivers a next-generation messaging experience combined with global reach and rich features like chat apps.

RCS is an IP-based messaging service that runs natively on handsets. Users don’t need to download a messaging app, as RCS comes pre-installed on more and more handsets as their default messaging app. In comparison to the 30 year old SMS standard it breaks 

open the boundaries of messaging which used to be reserved for chat apps. Extensive features for users and rich functionalities like analytics for businesses make it the go-to messaging service for the future. Enabling true, branded two-way communication.

RCS is everywhere

Google and the international operator body GSMA are rolling out the RCS network globally. And it’s coming fast.

390 million active

users predicted by the end of 2021

58+ countries

and 88 mobile operators are live

Japan and US

already have full operator coverage

How can RCS boost your business?

A huge benefit for businesses is that customers don’t need to install or setup a new app. RCS is by default the users messaging app, with rich features like major chat apps.


Safe and trustworthy

According to the Universal Profile standard, businesses need to be registered and verified before they can send and receive messages. This makes messaging safer for your customers and your business more trustworthy. 

Businesses can use their full brand name instead of a random sender ID. In addition, RCS Business Messaging allows for customization of colors and logo for your brand.

  • Verified business checkmark
  • Full brand name
  • Customizable color + logo
  • Blocking of unwanted brands

Rich Features

RCS is a standardized messaging service with natively rich features out of the box.

Real-time Conversations

Conversations via RCS take place in real time. Allowing for proper A2P conversations – either with a customer service agent or chat bot.

Group Chats

Include more participants to your customer conversations. Another big plus for answering customer questions and resolving queries.

File Transfer

File transfers – like sending a PDF – are easy via RCS. Send customers documents so they don’t need to login to a dedicated customer portal or service.

Audio Messaging

Send audio files in a conversation to customers for a more personal & direct conversation. 

Video Sharing

Display and run videos inside rich messages. Or easily import and embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Live Sketching

There are occasions when it helps to draw a simple shape or picture to illustrate a point. RCS supports this useful feature.


Display groups of content with images or videos to showcase products or selectable options a user can choose from.


Send location coordinates in form of a clickable map to users for a direct call-to-action to open their native map app.

Read & Delivery Receipts

Measure your messaging performance by knowing who has read your message and when. 

RCS Advantages

RCS brings rich features and personalized messaging directly to the users experience on their device.


RCS Business Messaging

RCS allows for richer, more interactive and branded interactions without the need of an additional app.

  • Verified Business Profiles
  • Rich media messages (Images, videos, GIFs, PDFs, …)
  • High quality video
  • High quality audio messages
  • Time stamps, delivery and read receipts
  • Customizeable actions & reply buttons
  • Universal RCS Profile 


Customer References inline october 2019