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The market for enterprise communications is growing – rapidly. This represents a huge opportunity for mobile operators. tyntec works with operators around the world to capture that opportunity.

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Today’s enterprises use communications differently. They build communication features into their business applications and workflows. They use platforms that make it simple to speed up and scale their deployment.  

tyntec specializes in communications at enterprise scale. For telcos like yours, tyntec can open up the untapped riches of the enterprise space –and help you meet the changing requirements of enterprise communications.  

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The innovator advantage

tyntec has been innovating in enterprise communications since 2002. We built the market’s first proprietary enterprise SMS platform, and helped create the A2P messaging market of today. We are now at the leading edge of CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service). Our APIs, connectivity infrastructure and enterprise-level SLAs help large businesses put communications at the heart of digital transformation.

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Enterprise customers

tynec already works with many global brands on multiple use cases around the world. We power critical services such as mobile authentication, conversational commerce, customer care, employee communication and marketing. By partnering with tyntec, operators can profit from the extensive list of enterprises – and other communications providers – connected to our network.

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CPaaS technology

Today’s enterprises are moving core functions from CRM to ERP and employee mobility to the cloud. They’re doing the same with communications – making it easy to program and scale. This is a major opportunity, but most operators need a partner to address it effectively. Whether you need enterprise-grade APIs and SDKs or tailored solutions, tyntec has the technology and experience to be that partner.

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