ROCCO 2022

Enterprises and Mobile Network Operators Ranked tyntec as Tier One for A2P Messaging

Setting a new benchmark in key performance indicators, tyntec garnered the Tier One rankings from both enterprise customers and mobile network operator partners in ROCCO surveys


MUNICH – June 15, 2022 – tyntec, a global cloud communications provider, today announced it won the Tier One A2P SMS Provider titles awarded by ROCCO Research. Rated directly and separately by enterprises and mobile network operators across wide ranging KPIs for performance and leadership, ROCCO’s global survey provides a strategic analysis informed by data and expert insights into the A2P Messaging market.

Solidifying long-standing industry leadership, tyntec continues to top the charts in key performance indicators such as reliability, technical expertise, reputation, transparency, and security, and remains the most trusted name in the industry.

Capturing the voices of enterprises that use messaging channels for their buyer engagement and customer service, ROCCO reports that the majority of respondents (52% of votes) perceive A2P SMS as the channel that delivers the highest customer satisfaction, closely followed by WhatsApp. As for ease of use, 61% of interviewed enterprises see WhatsApp as the channel that renders the highest ease of use, with A2P SMS taking the second position.

“The research findings are consistent with what we’ve learned from our own experiences with our enterprise customers and operator partners,” said Thorsten Trapp, co-founder and CTO at tyntec. “Despite the noise predicting the demise of SMS, the channel remains the most desirable by both ends of the business landscape. Enterprises saw the highest customer satisfaction and related business outcomes, and the mobile operators recognized that A2P SMS is their most profitable messaging solution. As more enterprises normalize the mobile-first mode of business interactions they had to establish during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ll be heading into a sustained growth period of mobile messaging, building on the rise of 29% growth the industry experienced since 2019.”

Overall, COVID-19 had a strong positive impact in the mobile messaging space. There’s consensus about ubiquity and ease of use that mobile channels such as SMS and WhatsApp are providing to meet the business requirements of brand-to-consumer interactions. Consumers who’ve grown to rely on using mobile messaging, at the curbside, inside the store, on the platform, and even at home, simply won’t live without it. Understanding the trajectory of demand and ensuring that businesses are ready to scale with the demand will open up untapped opportunities moving forward.

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