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Blog - How to create a Message Template in WhatsApp

Submitting your Message Templates with tyntec is easy! Follow the instructions and best practices to start messaging your customers on WhatsApp today.

WhatsApp Message Templates are pre-approved WhatsApp message formats used by businesses to initiate contact with a potential or existing customer who has opted-in to receive communications, or to re-engage with these outside of the 24-hour Customer Care Window.

While in review, your Message Template will be checked to ensure it adheres to WhatsApp’s Business Policy and WhatsApp’s Commerce Policy, in addition to the required formatting and guidelines, which we’ve covered in a dedicated blog here.

When it comes to setting up and submitting WhatsApp Message templates, this can be easily done via tyntec in two ways:

  • If you’re tech savvy, use our Message Template API to get submit new message templates, get all current templates, delete the ones that aren’t useful anymore, etc.
  • If you prefer a user-friendly interface, log in to your tyntec account and follow the instructions below.

How to create a new WhatsApp Message Template using your tyntec account

  • Log in to your tyntec account.
  • Click into ‘WhatsApp’ in the navigation bar on the left, then find the tab for ‘Message Templates’.
  • Select ‘New Message template’ at the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Choose the category for your Message Template.
  • Select the Business that you are creating the Message Template for.
  • Assign your Message Template a unique name.
  • Select a language.
  • Specify your Message Template content.

Further information on how to create a new WhatsApp Message Template can be found on our website.

What to specify in your Message Template content

Message Template body

This is where to add the main content of your Message Template. Remember:

  • Message Template content can be text-based only. Emojis can be included.
  • No more than 1024 characters long.
  • New lines, tabs or more than four consecutive spaces will not be accepted.
  • Include variables to add personalization to your message in the form of {{1}}, {{2}} etc..

It’s important to note that any promotional or sales-based content will not be approved by WhatsApp, so consider your intention for the Message Template carefully.

Read more in our Best Practice Guidelines blog to see examples of ways you can shape the messaging in your message content.

Message Template headers

This is an optional feature that can be text, media type (images or PDFs), or location.

If choosing to include dynamic content in your header, you just need to specify what kind of dynamic content you’d like to send. You can define the content at a later stage when sending a Message Template.

Message Template footers

This is another optional field in which you can include things like legal disclaimers or signatures.

Interactive Buttons

You can choose between ‘Quick Reply’ or ‘Call to Action’ as a direct way for users to engage with your message. These will be added as buttons to a message template that the user can choose from and will send the button text as a reply to the original message.

  • Quick Replies allow users to tap one of up to three possible answers to your message.
  • Choose between a URL or phone number to set as your Call to Action.
WhatsApp Message Template

Managing and editing your WhatsApp Message Templates

Once you have submitted your Message Template, it can take between up to12 hours to be reviewed by WhatsApp, however most are reviewed faster. Approved Message Templates will appear in your Message Template Overview with a green dot.

Approved or pending Message Templates cannot be edited once they have been submitted. To make changes to a Message Template that has been approved (or even rejected), you will need to create a new Message Template.

WhatsApp Message Templates best practice guidelines

To learn about our best practice tips and what to write your Message Template, check out our Best Practice Guidelines blog.

Message Template Management with tyntec

With tyntec, managing your WhatsApp Message Templates is easy. This is how we help you get your WhatsApp messaging right!

  • Message Template integration and support: with our Message Template Manager, you can submit and manage your templates with ease. And yeah, if you have doubts on how to create your Message Templates, we support you getting this done!
  • Best practices: get extensive examples of Message Templates, already organized by message category, in our Best Practice Guidelines blog.
  • Media messages: We support images, locations, files (PDF), audio, videos, interactive buttons and more – as Message Templates AND Chat Messages.

If you have any questions about using WhatsApp Message Templates or would like help getting set up, you can contact tyntec support 24/7, no matter your timezone.

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