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Human Connection at scale

Enabling communication between businesses and consumers across any mobile channel through a single point of access is and has been tyntec's mission.

Human connection at scale

tyntec makes it simple for businesses to interact with people across any mobile channel – from SMS to chat app to voice. All from a single point of access.

We’ve been working on this mission since 2002, at the dawn of the mobile era. Even then, when most perceived SMS as a teenage fad, we saw its potential as a business tool. 

But technology constantly changes. SMS was just the start. Today, businesses need to connect to customers and employees anywhere in the world across a range of mobile channels and devices.

It’s very complex. At tyntec, we remove this complexity for our customers by providing simple, powerful access and tools.

We call it human connection at scale.

It started with ‘plain old’ text…

It was something for the kids. While grown-ups were talking, youngsters were tapping furiously on numeric keypads.

For them, it was an exciting new way to communicate.

As far as businesses were concerned, SMS was irrelevant and bewildering. In text speak, it was all very…


They didn’t get it.

But the founders of tyntec did.

led to a vision for business messaging ...

tyntec’s co-founder Thorsten Trapp saw that SMS could be a fantastic tool for connecting enterprises with their increasingly mobile customers.

Imagine it: a direct channel into the pockets of their consumers.

Thorsten did more than just imagine. He went ahead and built it.

This wasn’t easy. SMS was complex. There were multiple players to work with. Messages didn’t always get through.

But Thorsten’s vision was realized. tyntec built a proprietary enterprise SMS platform – the first to provide SS7-based service level agreements.

In emoticon terms, this was much more…


and now offers all CPaaS-options, taking away complexity ...

Today, there is so much more to mobile communications than SMS.

Enterprises like yours can interact with consumers across a range of options – text, chat apps, voice calls and more.

But using these mobile channels is not straightforward. Behind each of them lies a complex web of network and technologies.

tyntec takes away this complexity. We turn multiple channels into a single point of access, and provide simple, powerful APIs and tools to use them.

It’s a continuously evolving story…

But one with one clear direction: to help businesses make a human connection with anyone, anywhere.

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