Portability Check | Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365


Hi there!

Would you like to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data gathering capabilities with tyntec's Portability Check?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to automatically check a phone number validity using the tyntec Portability Check connector inside your Dynamics 365 environment.

You will need

  • Your tyntec API key from your tyntec account
  • A Microsoft Dynamics account with the Marketing app installed
  • A Microsoft Power Automate Free license in your Dynamics Environment

Step One: Create your Flow

To quickly start with Power Automate and the tyntec Portability Check connector, you will build a sample Flow. Let’s look at what it does.

Flow preview

The sample Flow works in your Microsoft Dynamics background and automatically listens to the creation of a new Contact (the Trigger). Once triggered, it checks if the Mobile Phone field has any value. If the phone number is present, the Check Phone number using the Portability Check action gets called. If the returned response contains an errorCode for non-existing phone numbers, the Flow updates Contact's Description to say: The phone number is non-existent (invalid).

Let's start with creating your Flow.

1. Open your Power Automate.

2. In the left dropdown menu, click the Create button.

3. From all possible Flow types, select Automatedfrom blank.

Automated flows run when an event triggers, Instant flows on a manual trigger, and Scheduled ones on a given time condition. 

4. In the design window pop-up, use the search function to find the event When a record is created, updated or deleted from Common Data Service.

Build a Flow

Then click the Create button.

You are now in the UI Flow designer that can add Actions to your Flow and chain them into algorithms. The designer automatically creates When a record is created, updated or deleted trigger step. 

5. Inside the When a record is created, updated or deleted step, set the Trigger condition to Create, The entity name to Contacts, and Scope to Organization.

Set up a trigger

Your Trigger is now listening for any new contacts.

6. Now is the time to create a new action.

Click on the + New step. In the step selection, search for the Condition action.

Choose an action

Set the Condition Value to Mobile Phone, Condition to is equal to, and leave the third value empty.

7. In the If yes branch, click Add an action.

Search for Portability Check and select the Check Phone number using the Portability Check action.

If yes

8. Tyntec Connector will automatically try to create a connection.

Name your Connection and set your apikey to your tyntec API key.


9. Afterwards, the Check Phone number using the Portability Check action updates itself to show you the Checked Phone number field.

10. Add the Mobile Phone dynamic content inside the Checked Phone number field.

Checked Phone Number

11. Click the Add an action.

In the step selection, search for the Condition action. Set the Condition Value to errorCode, Condition to is equal to, and the third value to ffff.


12. In the second If yes branch, click the Add an action. In the step selection, search for the Update a Record action.

13. In the Update a Record action step, set the Entity name to Contacts, Item ID to Contact dynamic content and set Description to "Phone Number is invalid".

Update a record

14. In the second If no branch, click on Add an action, and Select Update Record.

15. In the Update a Record  action step, set the Entity Name field to Contacts, Item ID to Contact dynamic content, and Description to "Phone Number is valid".

16. Click Save.

Your Flow will run automatically whenever the Trigger detects a new contact.

Step Two: Test your Flow

Let's try triggering your Flow. In this testing phase, you will create a new contact.

1. Go to your Dynamics 356 and select either your Marketing instance or your Sales Team Member instance.

2. Create a new customer contact.

If you're using Marketing, scroll down to Customers. Then click on Contacts  and + New.

New contact in Marketing

If you're using Sales Team Member, scroll down to Customers, click on Contacts and + New.

New contact in Sales

4. Set the First Name, Last Name, and Mobile Phone. When you are happy with the details, click Save.

New team fill-in

5. As soon as you click Save, the Flow starts. Within a few seconds, the phone number is validated and you can see the result on the Details page.

Validation result display

Congratulations on completing your Flow!


The main power of the tyntec Portability Check connector is that you can use it alongside any connector (Dropbox, for example) that is provided in Power Automate.

Connectors can be used with any activity inside the Dynamics environment. Tyntec Portability Check is a good tool for form input validations, data gathering, or authentication. You can read more about the Portability Check in our Quick Start or in the API Reference. In the Quick Start, you can find how to interpret the Portability Check response.

Using tools like XRM Toolbox you can add custom buttons to trigger custom activities. Alternatively, you can use the tyntec Portability Check inside custom PowerApps, solutions, and more. The sky's the limit.