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SMS-enable your existing phone numbers – landline and/or toll-free – with tyntec’s Interactive Text and put increased customer happiness and strengthened employee communications at your fingertips.

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“We SMS-enabled our hotline number with tyntec’s Interactive Text and enjoyed 20% in cost savings in order management for roaming packages. A simple yet a powerful solution.”

Contact center director, a large telecoms company in Germany

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2 Way Communication Interactive Text
Two-way communications

Customer service needs to be conversational. Two-way SMS conversations can be integrated onto your workflow to respond to inquiries. Use messaging to reach out proactively – and further engage your customers.

Advanced Communication Interactive Text

We offer the most advanced messaging APIs in the industry, packed with features and customizable parameters for demanding customers.

Easy Intergration Interactive Text
Easy integration

Our simple and robust APIs are developer-friendly. Your team can easily test and integrate the APIs – and monitor their performance via our real-time dashboards.

Text integration made easy

This is how it works

How Interactive Text Works

1. Text-enable your existing phone number (landline and/or toll-free), or get a number from us

2. Customers can text your contact center with questions, complaints, etc.

3. Your agents can reply to all inquiries via texting as well as send out notifications, promotions and more via SMS

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