Interactive Text

Access to Omnichannel Messaging

Provide your customers with a seamless experience across multiple communications channels by adding SMS and even WhatsApp Business messages to the same phone number you already use for voice calls.

Interactive Converations with tyntec

One Phone Number

Bring your current phone number (landline or toll-free) and enable it with text messaging. Customers can easily send texts from their mobile phones to your business number, and a chat bot or agent can reply from the user interface on your existing customer engagement platform. Interactive Text manages all interactions on one number with a simple REST API.

Add SMS and WhatsApp Business Solution to your Voice Line

You already have landline and toll-free business numbers that you only use for voice interactions. How cool would it be to add SMS and WhatsApp Business messages, too?

Interactive conversations with tyntec
SMS-Powered Conversations

Use two-way SMS conversations with your business to respond to inquiries. All standard messaging features are included.

Interactive text from tyntec
No Voice Disruption

Get more value from your current phone numbers without any changes or interruptions to your existing voice services.

Use interactive text for your business.

All messages run via your corporate server, achieving the highest level of corporate governance and also allowing for audits.

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Want to learn more about Interactive Text? Download our product sheet to get an overview.

What others say about Interactive Text

“We SMS-enabled our hotline number with tyntec’s Interactive Text and enjoyed 20% in cost savings in order management for roaming packages. A simple yet powerful solution.”

Contact Center Director, a large telecoms company in Germany

Text-Enable Your Customer Experience

How Interactive Text makes two-way messaging easy on your existing business number.

Customer Support

Allow customers to text your hotline and engage with your brand. Reduce pressure on your voice-based service and decrease overall resolution time.

Appointment Scheduling

Give customers the option to confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. Customers can simply respond to appointment reminders, reducing no-shows.

Conversational Alerts

Allow customers to reply to simple alerts, transforming notifications into engaging conversations.

Whatsapp Use Cases