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tyntec is a communications platform providing simple access for businesses to connect with people via mobile messaging channels including WhatsApp Business.

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Connect your business on Viber with tyntec to reach over 1 billion users.

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Zaps for automating communications

With the tyntec Conversations App, you can integrate tyntec's Conversations API with any other service available in Zapier (3000+ apps). Without writing a single line of code, you can add communication through WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS  to almost anything you want!

In addition to communications, services in Zapier range from popular cloud-based platforms such as Shopify, HubSpot, Trello, Gmail to countless other apps like JotForm. Combine with any apps you use, or start with any of the Zaps tyntec has already made for you.

Key features

Use tyntec’s Conversations channels in your Zapier apps to send and receive messages on WhatsApp, Viber, and SMS.



Support triggers

Trigger Description
New Message Fires a Zap when you receive a message from a customer
Any Zapier trigger you set for the Conversations App

Support actions

Action Description
Send WhatsApp Template Sends a templated message with plain text
Send WhatsApp Free form text Sends a WhatsApp message with plain text
Send WhatsApp Template Rich Media Sends a templated message with rich media
Send WhatsApp Location Sends a location message
Send WhatsApp Rich media free form Sends a WhatsApp message with rich media
Send Viber Text message Sends a Viber plain text message
Send Viber Image message Sends a Viber message with an image
Send SMS Sends an SMS text message
Get Status of Message Provides the last delivery report of a message for the corresponding messageId
Get Message Retrieves details of a message previously sent for the corresponding messageId
Get History of Message Lists the delivery events of a message for the corresponding messageId
Portability Check Retrieves details of a phone number from the tyntec database to verify the number


Zapier terminology Description
Zap It's an Integration. For example, on all newly created Shopify products like in the screenshot below, you can have tyntec send you an SMS to let you know.
Trigger Each Zap starts with some condition (trigger), such as in the example below, it is a new Shopify product in a customer's shop.
Action Once Zap is triggered, an action defines what happens, such as sending an SMS.