Two-factor authentication

tyntec is a communications platform providing simple access for businesses to implement user-friendly two-factor authentication.

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Zaps for automating communications

With the tyntec two-factor Authentication App, you can integrate tyntec's 2FA API with Zapier to send OTP (one-time-passcodes) via SMS. Adding a strong authentication method to your processes like signups. 

Using an HTTP request trigger, you can implement it to existing web forms or tie it with Google Forms, Typeform, Gravity Forms, or JotForms. Create trust between your business & real users and prevent being spammed with fake account submissions.

Key features

Use tyntec’s 2FA service in your Zapier apps to send messages containing OTP’s.


Support triggers

Trigger Description
Any You can set any trigger for tyntec’s two-factor Authentication App

Support actions

Action Description
Send One-Time Passcode Sends a One-Time Passcode to a phone number
Resend One-Time Passcode Resends the One-Time Passcode based on its ID
Verify One-Time Passcode Tests if the user-entered password matches the One-Time Passcode that was sent prior
Delete One-Time Passcode Deletes the One-time Passcode entity
Get One-Time Passcode Status Retrieves details of a One-time Passcode entity