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What Happens After the Trial?


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What happens after the trial?

After the trial, the customer needs to decide to continue or cancel the subscription.

If you decide to continue with Viber + Conversations Inbox:

  • In this option, you will be charged a monthly fee of EUR 149 for the Conversations Inbox, plus the Viber message fees. The Conversations Inbox monthly fee excludes the costs related to Viber messages, which are charged separately from the platform. 

If you decide to continue with tyntec’s API for Viber Business Messages (without Conversations Inbox):

  • In this option, you will be charged for your Viber message consumption. In case your consumption is below the minimum you will be charged for the minimum only.

If you decide to cancel all services:

  • We require a written note to cancel your services. Note that the monthly minimum spend applies automatically for Viber if the customer does not cancel or deactivate the account, one business day before the end of the month. 
  • If you decide to discontinue our service after the trial, we’ll not charge you anything.

After the trial, if you’re unsure whether to proceed, it’s possible to deactivate the account instead of canceling it. A deactivation would prevent you from having to restart the onboarding of a Viber business profile and is not billable. A business profile can be deactivated up to three times a year.