FAQ | Payment & Billing

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When do tyntec issue invoices and receipts?

Every month at the beginning of the month, we issue an invoice for the traffic consumed during the previous month.

The moment the invoice is issued, the relevant amount is deducted from the Account Balance.

  • Prepayers need to have enough credit in the Account Balance to cover the invoiced amount or risk disruptions in the service.
  • Postpayers who don’t have credit in their account will see a negative Account Balance, and they will need to pay for the invoiced amount within the due date indicated in the invoice.

Please note that we do NOT issue invoices for the payments we receive, as we invoice only consumed traffic.

If the customer pays via the online platform, the customer gets a receipt via email as soon as the online payment is received.

✉️If a prepayer needs a document to support the prepayment, we can provide prepayment requests. If you need a prepayment request, get in touch with billing@tyntec.com.